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  • Written by WJFA Board of Directors

The Woodinville Junior Football & Cheer Association (WJFA) is excited to announce new player safety initiatives for the 2018 season. Head impact sensors, sideline trainers, and off-season conditioning partners will be announced on April 28th at our Spring Informational Social.

WJFA Preference 1 Photo by Beth RobertsPhoto by Beth RobertsWith the recent focus on head injuries from youth sports, we are seeing great safety advancements in technique and technology.  WJFA has always been at the forefront of implementing player safety programs.  In recent years WJFA has implemented rugby or hawk style tackling as coached by the Seattle Seahawks where the head is completely removed from contact during a tackle. In terms of equipment, WJFA already uses the advanced Speed and Speed Flex Helmets manufactured by Riddell (shown in the photograph accompanying this article). 

For 2018, we are happy to announce that we are among the first youth football programs in the nation to add electronic helmet sensors, provided by the Kirkland based company Athlete Intelligence, which can detect, alert and log impacts based on predefined thresholds. If an impact occurs that breaches a threshold, coaches are immediately alerted and the player in question is evaluated. There is no better way to identify potential injuries.

This technology will greatly assist the coaches who are tasked with monitoring our youth athletes, and will serve as a teaching tool to help coaches correct player habits that may lead to future risks of injury. 

Additionally WJFA will be implementing full time sideline trainers at all games to help monitor and treat players. This is new to the program this year, and we are extremely excited about it!

Finally, WJFA has teamed up with Woodinville’s Chateau CrossFit to be our official off-season fitness partner. They have tailored a WJFA-specific program to help our young athletes prevent injuries and stay fit in the offseason. Unique to their program is neck strengthening, which will help prevent head and neck injuries.

WJFA is hosting an informational event on April 28th, where the football community will have the opportunity to hear from representatives from Athlete Intelligence, Chateau CrossFit, and our soon-to-be-announced sideline training partner. Registration for flag football, tackle football and cheer is currently open.  A $50 discount applies to tackle football if participants register by April 30th.  Younger players eligible for our “Rookie” level can sign up and play at no cost!  For more information on the Spring Social and registration, please visit .  We hope you can join us to learn about all of the exciting things we have in store!

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