Mustarde and Metsker awarded the 44 Strong Jersey

  • Written by Derek Johnson
The M&M Boys will be rockin’ the 44 this fall. Last Monday, at the Bear Creek Country Club, members of the community gathered for the Parker Moore Memorial Golf Tournament. Later that evening, the annual scholarship winners were announced to the packed banquet room. Then Woodinville coach Wayne Maxwell addressed the crowd. He was about to announce the players who would wear the #44 jersey this season. These players would be honoring the memory of former Woodinville linebacker Parker Moore.
The finalists were Will Augustine, Dylan Lewis, Miles Mustarde and Danny Metsker. Assistant coaches Matt Laccinole, John Hamilton and DJ Baddeley took time to praise each of the boys. Then Maxwell took the microphone and announced Mustarde and Metsker as co-winners.
44 jerseysFrom left-to-right: Will Augustine, Danny Metsker, Miles Mustarde and coach Wayne Maxwell. (Not pictured: Dylan Lewis). (Photo by Derek Johnson) 44 Strong has become an annual event. It’s in memory of former Falcon player Parker Moore, who was murdered in 2014 in a random act of violence. Moore was highly respected for his intensity, athletic ability, leadership skills and personal character. His jersey number is now awarded each season to the player(s) who most demonstrate the qualities that Moore possessed.
When Maxwell presented the jerseys to Mustarde and Metsker, the crowd cheered loudly. Parker’s parents, Doug and Julee, and his sister Hayley, smiled and applauded.  
Maxwell told the crowd how Mustarde and Metsker were devoted inhabitants of the weight room. And of how they relentlessly encourage their teammates to succeed. Mustarde will wear it during home games, and Metsker for road games.      
“This is always a heartwarming event as far as seeing former players, parents and community members to come and rallying behind Doug, Julee and Hayley for this event,” Maxwell said afterward. “With their foundation, from a very bad thing there are some very good things happening for kids with scholarships. And with our boys with 44 Strong. Lots of good feelings tonight with people.”
As the evening came to a close, Will Augustine was asked to reflect.
“I was good friends with Bradley [Green] last year who knew Parker Moore,” Augustine said. “He always said Parker had a lively attitude and he always motivated guys with what he said but also with his actions. By example and by voice, which is something I aspire to do.”  
Danny Metsker was asked what the name Parker Moore meant to him.
“Everybody respected Parker. Everybody. I’ve never heard anybody say anything bad about him. I’m just honored to wear his number.”
Miles Mustarde echoed those sentiments.
“I never personally knew Parker,” Mustarde said. “But the name Parker to me shows excellence, if you’re honored enough to be given the number 44. I just feel honored. Back when I was a freshman, grinding in the weight room as a young buck, to where I am today…. It’s just such an accomplishment and it’s such a great deal.”
Coach Maxwell talked about Moore’s legacy.
“There’s been a difference with the sincerity of our team as we come together and work on team building and personal growth,” Maxwell said. “It’s highlighted when we do our fall camp. It’s at that camp where guys are vulnerable in front of each other. And the sincerity level that they open themselves up to with their teammates has been different since we lost Parker. That legacy is now passed down to these guys. The boys have done such a good job maintaining it and I don’t see it stopping.”
The night’s festivities were also to celebrate the winners of the Parker Moore Memorial Scholarship. Scholarships were awarded to Makenna Barton (University of Washington), Harper King (Grand Canyon University) and Andrew Metz (Seattle Pacific).
The scholarships are awarded each year either to graduating seniors at Woodinville High School or Woodinville alumni continuing their college program. This year, over 150 students applied for consideration.

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