Jim Moore and the Smokin’ Locks of the Season

  • Written by Derek Johnson

They call themselves “Misfit Radio.” The Danny, Dave and Moore Show airs weekdays on 710 ESPN radio. The show owes its popularity to the chemistry of the three hosts: First there’s Danny O’Neil, who is informed, thoughtful but with a cringe-worthy compulsion toward goofiness. There’s Dave Wyman, who’s a down-to-earth ex-jock with a tendency toward being a homer. And then there’s Jim Moore. He’s the beer-drinkin’, golf lovin’ Wazzu grad that brings a contrarian’s eye to the show.

Moore also loves wagering on sports. It has led to one of the show’s best features: Jim Moore’s Smokin’ Lock of the Week. Each football season, Moore studies the point spreads and then selects a weekly game to bet on. He encourages his listeners to follow his lead, promising them it’s a sure thing. “Come home to papa,” he often says in homage to whatever game he’s bet on.

MooreJim Moore (Courtesy photo)What makes it funny and endearing is that he’s often… wrong. A couple seasons ago, his record in picking games was 3-13. And who can forget one week last year, when his justification for picking a depleted Green Bay squad was that they were going to be on TV. “I like being able to watch the Smokin’ Locks on TV,” Moore explained with deadpan sincerity.      

During the show, there’s that moment when the theme song kicks in (Smokin’ by Boston, of course). Danny O’Neil gets downright giddy. Admittedly, I start giggling like a schoolgirl, too.

So with football season upon us, I called up Jim Moore last week. I asked him four questions with the hopes of providing readers with some Smokin’ Locks for the Season.

Woodinville Weekly:  I have a bet with my friend Miles. If the Seahawks win 8 or less games, I owe him $5. But if they win 9 or more games, he owes me $100. What say you?

Jim Moore:  I think you’re going to lose your five bucks. I wrote the other day that they’re going to go 8-8. I look at Russell Wilson the way I look at Tom Brady. I know that Wilson is not as good as Brady. But I always feel like as long as you have him on the team, no matter who the collection of players you put around him, you’re going to have a chance to win the game. That guy just finds a way to overcome flaws. 

I like the coaching changes they made, but with new philosophies coming in and trying to get the running game going… I’m skeptical. Offensively I think they’ll do okay. Defensively is where I’m most concerned… I think they’re going to give up a lot of points this year… I think it’s going to be tough overall. They’re going to be giving up more points than we’re used to seeing.

Woodinville Weekly:  Looking at WSU’s schedule, it looks like the Cougars open up with a Murderer’s Row of non-conference games: Wyoming, San Jose State and Eastern Washington. My question to you is – can the Cougs get through that unscathed? 

Moore:  [Laughing heartily] I like to think they will. But we’ve stumbled in those [types of] games before. I’m not concerned about San Jose State, but I am concerned about Wyoming. I know that Josh Allen is in Buffalo now, and they have a new quarterback, But they have a lot of returners coming back. It’s a transitional season for us. So I bet we go 2-1. I hope that we don’t drop the ball against Eastern Washington, which we’ve done before.

Woodinville Weekly:   Auburn is showing as a 2.5 point favorite against the Huskies in their August 31st showdown. Should we bet on Washington with both hands?

Moore:   I’m going to be rooting hard for Auburn. During football season, I never root for Washington… It seems like Husky fans always say [Moore switches to a whiny voice] `we root for you unless it’s the Apple Cup.’ Well, Cougar fans don’t want Husky fans rooting for us. It’s a rivalry.
I don’t know much about the Washington-Auburn game. But every time I read or hear something about Washington, I hear glowing reports about what a great team they have. I think they have a great chance to be in the Final Four again. They look loaded and Chris Petersen is a great coach, and he’s a class act.

Woodinville Weekly:  Your alma mater, the Redmond Mustangs, return to Kingco 4A this season. (Redmond hosts Woodinville on September 28th). What’s the over/under for wins this season? What are your thoughts on Redmond football?

Moore:  I don’t have any. But I will tell you this -- I still have green and gold pride. I still know the school alma mater. [Demonstrates by quasi-singing the song]. I was in choir and we sang that song back in the 1970s. I graduated in 1974 so it has been a long time. I still have pride about my high school. My kids played some baseball games at Hartman Park this summer and it was fun to go back there. They’ve rebuilt the high school and it looks great. So I still have pride in the school. Go Stangs! 

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