Freak injury brings Frustrating end to Season

  • Written by Derek Johnson
Last week was a rough one for the Lady Falcons. A freakish injury to team captain Lauren Drews hampered Woodinville’s chances at Districts last weekend at Mary Wayte Pool. As a result, the already undermanned Falcon squad lost its shot at sending anyone to State.  
“It was difficult and devastating,” Woodinville coach George Sayah said.
Adding irony to the mix, the injury wasn’t even related to swimming. Earlier in the week, Drews rolled her ankle while at home. At first, the senior thought she was going to be okay. She attempted a workout. But as swelling increased, Drews went to the doctor. The prognosis was a Class 3 tear of a ligament. Her prep career was over.
DSC 4088Woodinville coach George Sayah (center) and assistant coach Jennifer Kruze (right) last month at Redmond Pool. (Photo by Derek Johnson)
Drews had been the linchpin for several Lady Falcon relay teams. She’d also harbored hopes to qualify fort State individually.
“I could tell that she was really struggling with it [emotionally],” Sayah said. “You worry about it because its her high school career. It’s devastating. On one hand, we have the next athlete up mentality [in getting ready for Districts]. But its her senior season and to have it end like that is very difficult. 
“Lauren has been a very important part of our program,” Sayah said.
Last week was also tough on Abbie Mosset. An ear infection beset the sophomore while she also struggled with pain from a cyst on the base of her spine.
“It was a difficult week,” Sayah said with a weary chuckle. 
Woodinville went on to perform at Districts, but no teams or individuals qualified for the State meet this week in Federal Way.
On a bright note, freshman Taylor Fitch dropped times in two events to signal a bright future on the horizon.
“I’m confident she’s going to come back next season and make it into those finals,” Sayah said. “The stage wasn’t too big, the moment wasn’t too big for her.”
Sayah also cited a couple of underclassmen whose efforts made him proud. Freshman Hannah Gangwich was tasked with filling the big shoes of Lauren Drew, and gave it her all. And Megan Shaull finished eighth in the 200m medley.
Through it all, Lauren Drews was poolside with a boot on her foot.  
“It was important for her to be there,” Sayah said. “She was there supporting her teammates.”

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