Christensen Tops Lui in Epic Duel -- but Falcons Fall to Redmond

  • Written by Derek Johnson

It was a rough Tuesday night for Woodinville, as the Falcons fell to the visiting Redmond Mustangs 54-25.

Simply put, Redmond has a roster that is strong and deep -- and Woodinville does not. The visiting Mustangs benefited from four forfeits due to Woodinville’s inability to fill select weight classes. Thus, it was no surprise that Redmond took the lopsided victory.

But things will be looking up for the Falcons after the winter break.

WRESTLINGWoodinville's Drew Christensen was victorious after his win over Redmond's Carson Lui. (Photo by Derek Johnson)

“We have a couple of football players who are bigger guys and they’ve missed some practices because of the football season,” Woodinville’s Drew Christensen said. “And we have one kid who is taking care of some grades right now. When we get them back we will fill out the roster pretty good.”

The highlight of the night was Drew Christensen’s win over Redmond’s Carson Lui. The matchup had a “Clash of the Titans” feel to it. Neither wrestler gave much ground until Christensen was able to outscore Lui to earn the 6-2 win.

“Carson went to State last year, so he was pretty good competition,” Christensen said. “I have been working on my feet. So in the first round I was trying to get some of my takedowns there. That didn’t really happen, but I didn’t give up any points either. The second round I rode him pretty well, but I didn’t  turn him very well, and he got two reversals. Then with ten seconds left, my nose started bleeding so I got a breather. And my dad [Coach Todd Christensen] was telling me to explode up to get one just to even up the score a little better”

Lui led 2-1 going into the third round. Christensen was able to tally five points in order to prevail 6-2. As of this writing, Lui’s record is 6-1, with his only loss being to Christensen.

“Carson is a state level wrestler, so that was a very good match,” Woodinville coach Todd Christensen said. “If Drew comes down to 160 [pounds] it wouldn’t surprise me if those two meet again at the Kingco finals.”

Coach Christensen also predicted how the season will fare.

“We are sort of young again, but we have some good young talent coming up which I’m excited about,” he said. “We have a history of doing well in the Kingco tourney, but we have a history of struggling in these early season meets, when the kids are still learning what we’re teaching them to do... But when we get to Kingco [tourney] I think we’re going to be really good.”


As     players  and   coaches from Woodinville and Redmond shook hands, a three-foot tall little kid walked among them. He possessed an air of professional nonchalance, with one hand in his pants pocket and the other extended for handshakes. His name was Lincoln Newton, the four-year old son of assistant coach Shaun Newton.

“He comes from a wrestling family, and he can’t wait to get out there himself,” coach Todd Christensen said. “He’ll be a Falcon in about ten years.”

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