Lady Falcons Leave Sparta in Ruins

  • Written by Derek Johnson
They came. They saw. They conquered.
Then the Falcons boarded the team bus and headed home to Woodinville.
Such was the case last Wednesday night at Skyline High School. Woodinville (17-2) wasted no time taking command and then cruising to a 69-29 win over the Skyline Spartans (4-13).
DSC 4728 2Falcons play defense: Veronica Sheffey (front), Morgan Lundquist (middle) and Mia Hughes (back). (Photo by Derek Johnson)
It capped a brilliant week for Woodinville, who also beat #1 ranked Kentridge on Monday night at the King Showcase on MLK Day. 
“We had a big win two days ago, and teams might tend to have a letdown,” Woodinville coach Scott Bullock said. “We said `Hey let’s not let that happen today.’ We’re gearing up for the playoffs. We had the goals tonight of running hard, sharing the ball and having fun. Mia [Hughes] was extra quick in transitions, Maddy [DuBois] had fantastic passes, everyone did their job and it was fun to watch.”
Woodinville’s Morgan Lundquist got things rolling with creative flair. From the low post, she dribbled into the paint and enacted a baby hook shot, la Magic Johnson in Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals vs. Boston.  The ball bounded off the rim, but Lundquist got her own rebound and put it back in.
“I’ve never heard of that [Magic Johnson shot]” Lundquist said. “It’s not something I’ve been working on, it was just a `gotta get it in the bucket’ thing.”
With 3:26 left in the first quarter, Mia Hughes muscled in a lay-in, to give the Falcons a 10-0 lead. Then halfway through the second quarter, Maddy DuBois swished a 3-pointer to extend the lead to 22-6.
Come the third quarter, Katie Minnehan made a nifty pass underneath to Veronica Sheffey, who got the lay-in. Woodinville now led 52-16. The quarter was capped by Jordan Worthington’s stylish scoop lay in, which ballooned the lead to 58-18.
Reserve players played the entire fourth quarter, until the clock ran out.
Mia Hughes led all scorers with 24 points, while Veronica Sheffey added 13. Maddy DuBois dished out 7 assists while Sheffey and Lundquist combined for 15 rebounds.
Carrying a large lead into the fourth quarter enabled Scott Bullock to empty his bench. A couple of back court youngsters showed off some solid ballhandling skills. They were freshman Tatum Thompson [who dribbles through traffic like a hummingbird skirting through tree branches], and sophomore Natalie Bright.
“Tatum is 14 years old and used to be the tiniest thing,” coach Bullock said. “But now she’s growing a couple inches every six months. So interested to see where she’s at next year.
“Natalie can really shoot the ball, and she’s another lefty which is nice,” he said. “She plays year-round, so she’s going to be a nice player too next year. They both play a lot of minutes for the JV as well. And JV hardly ever loses, so it’s really good. “
“And Hannah Wheeler will take Morgan’s spot next year,” Bullock added. “She’s so athletic and runs so hard. Gets a lot of put backs. She’s going to be fun.”
Senior Morgan Lundquist has been a starter for the first time this year. Previously, she served as a backup to her sister Madison, who’s now playing for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
“Me and Madison talk every day,” Morgan said. “She is always hyping me for my games and I’m always watching her on live broadcasts. My dad hooks his phone up to the TV.
“Last year we weren’t all [sentimental] about it,” Morgan said. “Although we were close. But you didn’t really feel it until she was gone. It’s different now around the house and I kind of miss her a little bit. She misses home too but she’s having fun.”
Morgan was asked if she’s now enjoying more attention at the dinner table with Madison gone.  
“A little bit, I’m not going to lie,” she said with a laugh. “It’s kind of nice!”

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