Northshore Rowing Caps Exciting Season

  • Written by Derek Johnson
Northshore Rowing just had its season-ending banquet, and there was much to celebrate. The fledgling co-ed club just finished its second season. Ninety-seven kids from the four Northshore high schools joined forces to form a team. They rowed in the Husky Open on Montlake, the Spring Sprints Regatta on Lake Stevens, and capped the season by competing in the Northwest Regional Youth Championships in Vancouver.
“It was very exciting for the kids and great exposure for the program,” Northshore coach Andy Connor said. “Lots of fun and hopefully it helped put Northshore Rowing on the map.”
IMG 2704Northshore Rowing at Regionals (Courtesy photo)
But the 2018-19 season almost ran aground before it got started. The previous coach stepped down and finding a new one was no easy task. With time running short, Bothell athletic director Yonni Mills asked Andy Connor if he’d step up. Connor talked to his friend Karl Hartquist. Both men had rowing backgrounds and both had sons rowing on the Northshore team. So they took on the challenge.
It turned out that Connor had much more fun than he expected.
“It's amazing how much I missed rowing,” Connor said. “I rowed for the Coast Guard Academy in 1985, and that was basically the last time I had rowed in a shell… But almost all the kids were new to the sport. And seeing their excitement as they learned this sport and developed their own passion, was very enjoyable.”
Kenmore Boat House 051519 3D View 3D View 4A design of the planned boat house in Kenmore (Courtesy rendering)
The season was capped by Northshore Rowing's inaugural participation in the Northwest Youth Regional Championships May 17-19 in Vancouver. The men's boats finished 10th & 17th of 17 entries and the women's boats finished 7th & 13th of 14 entries. Overall, Northshore came away with 27 medals.
“You could see the kids grow,” Connor said. “They pushed themselves to the limit. It's a physically and mentally demanding sport. The team has to pull together and work together. Aches and pains and having your hands get hamburgery. And having the season culminate with that great event in Vancouver, you could see the growth in our kids.”
Connor was also excited about impending construction on a new boat house. “it will be down on the Sammamish River in Kenmore at Rhododendron Park,” he said. “As of right now, construction is scheduled to begin in 2020 and will be completed in spring 2021.”
The project was made possible via cooperation amongst the Northshore School District, the Pocock Rowing Foundation and the Kenmore Waterfront Activities Center. 
Boat Lineups for the Northwest
Youth Regional Championships on May 17-19
(W = Woodinville, B = Bothell, I = Inglemoor, NC = North Creek)
Women's Varsity 4 = Cara Harris Cox (B); Haley Dillinder (W); Abbey Buhrmann (W); Leah Johnson (I); Lucia Leone (I)
Women's Novice 4 = Cara Harris Cox (B); Ashley Egger (I); Peyton Fitzgerald (W); Emma Connors (W); Nandira Mahmud (I)
Women's Novice 8 = Cara Harris Cox (B); Haley Dillinder (W); Abbey Buhrmann (W); Leah Johnson (I); Lucia Leone (I); Emma Connors (W); Aaliyah Rashid (I); Caitlyn Schmitter (W); Peyton Fitzgerald (W)
Women's 2nd Novice 8 = Kaia Gelatt Cox (I); Amanda Jackson (I); Valarie Reed (I); Ashley Egger (I); Mackenzie Dial (W); Sophia Longcore (I); Alix Heitmeyer (I); Maddie Porterfield (I); Nandira Mahmud (I)
Men's 2nd Novice 8 = Sam Rosenow Cox (I); Nesta Fitzgerald (I); Mikal Lamos (B); Ty Hartquist (B); Dean Smith (I); Cole Smith (I); Johnson Kuang (I); McEwen Gutierrez (W); Caden Pavlovski (I)
Women's Lightweight 4 = Cara Harris Cox (B); Sophia Longcore (I); Alix Heitmeyer (I); Caitlyn Schmitter (W); Maddie Porterfield (I)
Women's High School 8 = Women's Novice 8 lineup
Women's 2nd High School 8 = Kaia Gelatt Cox (I); Amanda Jackson (I); Valarie Reed (I); Brinkley Hill (I); Mackenzie Dial (W); Alex Nemecek (NC); Aislinn Jones (I); Maddie Porterfield (I); Nandira Mahmud (I)
Men's High School 8 = Men's Novice 8 lineup
Men's 2nd High School 8 = Sam Rosenow Cox (I); Nesta Fitzgerald (I); Mikal Lamos (B); Ty Hartquist (B); Dean Smith (I); Brady Anderson (I); Nathan Loutsis (I); McEwen Gutierrez (W); Gavin Detert (NC)

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