Chandler Olson dominates in 1600 meters

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Chandler OlsonPhoto by Derek Johnson. With the nearest competitor nine seconds behind her, Woodinville’s Chandler Olson cruises to victory in the 1600 meters. Listen to this, ladies and gentlemen, for it comes from a guy whose jaw is still agape from watching Woodinville’s Chandler Olson massacre the field in the 1600 meter run.

The scene was the Bi-District Championships held at Lake Stevens High on May 15th.

From the moment the starter pistol popped, Olson exploded into the lead with a running motion that was graceful, powerful and commanding.

The separation from her competitors quickly widened into a startling chasm and remained so for all four laps.

Four minutes and fifty-seven seconds later, the diminutive senior cruised across the finish line, with Lynnwood’s Mikayla Pivec arriving nine seconds later, followed by the rest of the pack en masse.

To date, Olson has now won six district titles, 1 state championship, 1 state silver medal, 2 state bronze medals and 8 KingCo championships – with one more state tourney yet to go.

Moments after this race, she beamed with happiness but still labored to catch her breath.

"I just kind of wanted to get out fast and get a lead," she said. "I definitely slowed down after my first lap. I was fairly aware that I had a big lead, but I'm always afraid that someone’s going to surge or start catching back up."

"We always try new things," said Woodinville distance coach Sandy Laurence. "Because Chandler’s an experienced, yet young athlete, we don't know what her full potential is. Because she’s so responsive and talented, we get to have the luxury of trying new things. Most always they’re successful. There are a lot of ingredients in the recipe to come to the table with a kid with great talent, great drive, responsiveness to coaching and the willingness to take risks. And that creates a great athlete."

Laurence also discussed Olson’s physical attributes, which feature a lean yet relatively muscular frame.

"She matches the profile of a very strong and twitch-type of distance runner," Laurence said. "Very stable and well-balanced musculature. We've worked very hard on that. Our program involves weights.

"The best is yet to be for Ms. Chandler," Laurence said. "She’ll be going to Yale in the fall and competing in cross country and track and field.

"I'm just really grateful to have worked with her and to pass her along to a great college coach who will be able to take her all the way."


Other results from Woodinville athletes competing at the 4A Bi-District Championships on May 15:

•Wes Love qualified for state by finishing 3rd in the boys 400 meter dash, with a time of 50.52 seconds;

• Kurtis Max qualified for state by placing 8th in the boys 300 meter hurdles with a time of 41.44 seconds;

• Maddy Young finished 10th in girls discuss throw;

• Molly Stinson finished 8th in the girls javelin throw;

• Alek Kacmarcik placed 13th in the boys 100 meter dash;

• Clark Cyr finished 12th in the boys 800 meter run; Micah Rubart finished 12th in the boys 110 meter hurdles and

• Connor Zaback finished 12th in the boys long jump.


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