Off-season update with coach Smothermon

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Sports Writer

GymnasticsPhoto by Douglas Smith. The Woodinville Lady Falcons on the podium last season after taking second place in state. By any measure, Woodinville Gymnastics has dominated on a level comparable to Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls or John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins. In the past seven seasons, the Lady Falcons have won four state championships and finished second in state twice more. It’s something of which coach Kim Smothermon is quite proud.

"We have been a very talented team for a number of years," she said. "It’s usually not due to one or two star players. It’s usually the depth of our (squad) that has made us a great team. It’s a really tight team typically. They bond really well at the start of each season and carry through to the end. They are all working together on one goal, and not individually. It’s why they are as strong as they are that they’ve been able to make it to state for a number of years.

"Our captains and seniors play lead roles in making sure everybody is together on what their goal is," she added. "If there are issues they take it upon themselves to really work together to get them sorted out."

Last season, Woodinville won district and finished second in state, narrowly missing the title. Smothermon indicated that the squad wasn’t as talented as compared to past seasons, but their dedication and work ethic made them elite. "They worked so hard and their goal was to be first in state," she said. "It was within their grasp, but it was definitely something they had to work towards. It wasn’t something that was going to be handed to them. They worked so hard throughout the season and pulled together really strongly. They improved so much from November to February. I was really proud of them.

"Our hope this year is to make it back to state," she said. "That is our hope. I think they have a good chance but you never know what the other teams are going to have. All the Northshore schools are usually strong. as well as Newport."

Practices for the 2013-14 season start November 1 at the Gymnastics Connection.Returnees from last season include: Maddie Thoma, Kate Bailey, Emily Paratore, Kara Barton, Samantha Jensen, Tessa King, Abby Webb, Candace Nelson, Katherine Smith and Sabrina Nelson.

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