Former Falcon Madi Schreyer ready for Stanford

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Sports Writer

MadiPhoto by Mark Hatlan. Madi Schreyer (right) is all smiles following her no-hitter against Issaquah this past May. The fireball pitcher will play for Stanford next spring.When I last saw Madi Schreyer in June, she was leading Woodinville into the state tourney with machine-like precision pitching and quiet leadership. Having powered the team to an undefeated state championship season the year before, she and her fellow Falcons seemed poised to repeat.

But then came a pair of stunning losses in the playoffs that harshly ended the season. In the final analysis, Woodinville’s 24-3 record and fourth place finish was a mighty impressive sight, even if falling short of the team’s expectations.

Recently I got in touch with Schreyer as she prepares to attend Stanford University in the fall. I asked her what went through her mind in the moments following that final game as a Falcon.

"We finished fourth so it wasn’t necessarily what we were working toward," Schreyer said. "I was just thinking that we worked hard for this but there was nothing we can do now. We had worked hard but that was the outcome."

In the moments after that game, Woodinville manager Dani Weir went up to Schreyer.

"I gave Madi a big hug and told her that players like her come around once in a lifetime," Weir said. "I said that I’m so lucky as a coach, and our team is so lucky, to have a player and leader like her on our team. And I just wished her the best in the future."

"It was sad," Schreyer recalled. "She was such an awesome coach but I know that I’ll be seeing her so it was great having her support. All four years at Woodinville were great. Those will always be great memories that I’ll keep with me."

With high school behind her, Schreyer spent the summer getting even better.

"I’ve been working with my pitching coach Eve Gaw Buck," she said. "She’s been helping me for the last 7-8 years. We’ve been working hard and I’ve been training and getting ready to go down there.

"I’m leaving on September 14th," she said. "I’m just really excited. I’ll be living in an all-freshmen dorm. All the girls on the team down there have reached out and I’m really excited to get going."

Schreyer will not only attend one of the nation’s most prestigious universities, but she’ll navigate a plush campus community situated upon 8,000 acres of foothills and plains.

"I like how the campus is set up," Schreyer said. "It’s such a big campus. But it’s such a close community and everyone is a family. The people down there are really, really nice. And it’s just beautiful with all the buildings and architecture."

Freshman angst can always hit hard, especially when relocating far from home. I asked the former Woodinville pitcher if that’s cause for concern.

"Moving away from home is probably every freshman’s biggest adjustment," she said. "I’m a big family-oriented person and I’m going to miss my siblings and parents and friends a lot.

"So it will just be different living away from everyone. But I’m sure I’ll be fine."


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