Coach Wayne Maxwell gives thoughts on his 1st Team All-KingCo Players

  • Written by Derek Johnson, Sports Writer


Ian Biddle, cornerback (Sr.)

"Ian played like a #1 corner, a shutdown corner. He had a fantastic year. We always assigned him to the opponent’s best receiver. We knew we could count on him to do a great job to take the opponent’s #1 option out of the game.

He’s a real smart football player. In our defensive concepts, he does a great job of understanding zone concepts and being able to make his reads off what the offensive route combinations are. And that really allowed Ian to disrupt opponents’ pass games. A big highlight was him reading the receiver on the out route to win the Redmond game. He jumped that route and made a big play for us (dramatic interception). That was a great defining moment for him."

Lee Wunderlich, defensive end (Sr.)

"Lee was a three-year starter for us at that rush defensive end spot. The Seahawks call it the Leo spot, for us it’s the Rush. It’s an athletic defensive end almost like an outside linebacker type. Lee is a ferocious competitor and kind of the heartbeat of the d-line where he is going to play with energy and competiveness every play."

Andre Dillard, offensive tackle, (Sr.)


"Andre is obviously a kid you can plug in and just know that he’s going to physically dominate the guy he is asked to block. There is a reason why he is going on to play football at Washington State (University). He played the middle portion of the season injured with that ankle and was still able to play at a high, high level. But then you could see by the Eastlake game and on, where he was back closer to 90 percent or 100 percent (health wise), and he was just taking over. Washington State is very excited to get him. He’s going to do some good things there. It’s just a matter of how fast he can put additional weight on (he currently weighs 240). Hopefully his body can hit that 20-year-old mark, and boom — that weight starts going for him. It’s going to be fun to watch him."

Camden Hess, offensive guard (Jr.)

"He’s a kid that as a freshman, you saw the size and the desire, and you knew he was going to be a player. Very, very football raw — didn’t know a thing about football! He’s a home- schooled kid who is one of the most pleasant kids around. Part of it with him was learning that it was okay to punish somebody and finish them into the ground. Originally he started playing football because he wanted to get into a military academy and thought this would look good on his resume. And we’re so glad that he chose to do so. He’s having a blast out there, he never misses a workout. He earned everything he did to get the starting position and get better to compete at an all KingCo level. That’s a fun thing to watch a kid go through."

Drew Accimus,

tight end (Sr.)

"He made a lot of big, key plays for us. I don’t know how many actually conversion catches he made on 3rd and 4th down. It seemed like every time he caught the ball it was one of those. He’s a kid with great composure as far as being able to make the big play. He was a hybrid, as a tight end and we’d split him out on our open sets. Very versatile football player, and he did a nice job of blocking on the perimeter and blocking as a tight end, as well as making the big plays as a receiver."

Dylan Axelson, linebacker (So.)

"A very exciting football player. He’s just scratching the surface as far as where he can be as a high school football player. Him coming in as a freshman, we could see right away he was going to be a special player. We knew he was a great athlete. Some kids show athleticism to play as sophomores, but they’re not mentally tough enough to play and start as a sophomore in the KingCo — especially as a linebacker. You can’t just be a physical guy, you’ve got to be able to read what’s going on. And we play a lot of quality offenses in our conferences. He had all those qualities to be able to do that as a sophomore. Very rare to do. So that shows you how special he is. Obviously he is going to be great at that position."

Woodinville Second Team All-KingCo

Wyatt Smith, running back

Colby Carson, defensive tackle

John Ross, defensive end

Tommy Wick, wide receiver

Honorable Mention


Dana Bush, offensive tackle

Micah Hamilton, safety

Alek Kacmarcik, safety and running back

Chad Zaback, kicker

Brad Roland, linebacker

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