Woodinville’s U-16 Team Vortex repeats as state champions

  • Written by Derek Johnson, SportsWriter

Team Vortex has brought a second straight title home to Woodinville. With their recent 1-0 win over the Rugrats, Vortex claimed the championship for the Washington State Youth Soccer Association District 2. "We are the second team from District 2 in history to win the state championship two years in a row," coach Mike Adams said. "It covers a wide area from Bothell to Bellevue and east all the way to North Bend."

The game’s lone goal came on a shot from Maddy Walker in the first half. Her teammate and goalie Mondona "Mondy" Behroozian, described the excitement of that final day of the season.

"It was really intense because (the Rugrats) were just as good as we were," Behroozian said. "They were good at shooting and good at keeping their defense strong. So what Mike our coach wanted us to do was to shoot early and then play defense. We shot in the first half, and that’s when Maddy got her goal, and then we played a strong defense to make sure nothing got past us.

"Since I was keeper, I just wanted to go for anything that was coming near me. I didn’t want to let anything in. So I wanted to take all the chances, I didn’t want to regret anything."

One nerve wracking moment came in the second half, as the Rugrats mounted an attack on goal.

"There was one point where there was a corner kick against us," Behroozian said. "I went for the ball and tipped it, and it went backwards! And there was this mosh where everyone came for the ball. I was scared to death and I was going for the ball, but I couldn’t get it because there was so many people. But then I got a touch on it and pushed it away from the mosh."

In the game’s final seconds, the Rugrats desperately tried to score.

"It’s always the last 10 seconds that are the most intense, and they want to get that goal and tie the game so it will go into overtime," she said. "We just needed to focus and make sure that nothing came through. And we did. I think it was the best game we ever played."

Behroozian was asked how she will remember this special season and her teammates.

"They are so sweet and so fun, they are like my family," she said. "I love spending time with them. I love each and every one of them. When I look back at all the games that we played, nobody was yelling at each other or anything. It was just love."


Team Vortex: Coach Mike Adams, Coach Brent Miller, Coach Annie Holt, Emma Glover, Fina Short, Kendria Zard, Abby Freid, Natalie Knoles, Krista Adams, Mondona Behroozian, Natalia Girling, Jordan Matthews, Kirann Gable, Ali Ostlund, Lizzy Holt, Sam Hook, Lauren Matheson, Maddy Walker and Sierra Block.


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