• Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

On June 14, 70 Woodinville area residents gathered together at the Carol Edwards Center to receive new ranks in Taekwondo, a Korean form of martial arts.


Among the crowd were 12 students (back row: Ian Faith (second degree black belt), Jerry Seaney, Master Forest West, Margaret Seaney, Sarah Drivdahl and Eric Drivdahl; front row: Patricia McHenry, Sam DeRaspe, Darien Quijano, Niko Seaney, Grant Sundstrom, Ryan Mak and Anthony Labizon) receiving the highly coveted rank of black belt. The students practice two to three days per week training in kicking and striking techniques, sparring, board breaking, traditional forms, and weapons at West Family Martial Arts in Woodinville for approximately three years to earn their black belts.

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