Andre Dillard Reflects on the NFL Draft

  • Written by Derek Johnson
My first year with the Woodinville Weekly was Andre Dillard’s last as a Woodinville Falcon. I remember his final game at the end of that 2013 season. Dillard was a 240-pound senior, and this was his last hurrah at Pop Keeney Stadium. After the game, we stood at the edge of the field, as fans migrated toward the parking lot and the scoreboard went dark. He cleared his throat a couple times and offered sporadic eye contact. I asked him about his Woodinville career coming to a close.   
“It was the best experience of my life,” he said. “I learned so much. My coaches picked me up out of Leota Junior High and coached me into who I am now. They taught me to be a better man. I grew up here.”
Recently we spoke again. Five years had passed since that night at The Popster. Dillard laughed when I brought it up.
“I didn’t know how to do an interview back then,” Dillard said. “Nobody had interviewed me before so I didn’t know what to say or do.”
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Falcons feel Happiness and Heartbreak on a Bizarre Night in Everett

  • Written by Derek Johnson

When the night ended, the Lady Falcons had seen it all. It came during a doubleheader for the first day of the Wes-King Tournament.

The games were played at Phil Johnson Fields in Everett, also known as “Lawsuit Waiting to Happen Ballpark.” With four fields crammed close together, wayward fly balls from other games routinely sailed into Field #2 where Woodinville played. This caused people to shout “heads up!” about every fifteen minutes, as fans and players ducked into defensive postures and softballs landed nearby with a thud. Then there were the scoreboards that didn’t work until halfway through the first game. And who could forget when all the stadium lights went out, leaving teams stranded in darkness for twenty minutes.

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Dillard 22nd pick of the NFL draft

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff
History was made on April 25, when Andre Dillard became the first Woodinville High School Football alum to be recruited in the first round of the NFL draft.  The Philadelphia Eagles selected Dillard as the 22nd pick of the draft.  Dillard invited WHS Head Coach Wayne Maxwell and WHS Offensive Line Coach, Mike Monan to join him in Nashville for the event. 

Lady Falcons Enjoy Late Season Surge

  • Written by Derek Johnson
On a beautiful, warm Tuesday at Bothell High School, Woodinville ended its regular season with a win. The Lady Falcons beat the Lady Cougars 5-2, capturing their second Kingco win in a week.
Not too bad for a squad that started the season 0-10. Woodinville wound up with a 2-7 record in Kingco 4A and 2-11 overall. The win moved them past Bothell and Mount Si in the standings. By getting eighth place, the Falcons finished on a high note under first year varsity coach Betty Hummer.
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