Duvall artist Dan Cautrell creates colorful and thoughtful display at Redmond Town Center

  • Written by Valley View Staff

REDMOND–When the wind picks up, an observer can really see - and hear - the reasoning behind the title of the latest of Dan Cautrell’s public art creations.

Hundreds of flags flapping at once is a real attention-grabber and now that September is here ... well, you know the rest.


Down to its last few weeks,  Cautrell’s “The Breeze Gave Freely” is a not-to-be-missed display of small flags hanging in the Redmond Town Center courtyard. The work is inspired by traditional Tibetan Prayer Flags and the symbolism surrounding them.

“With every tuft of wind the blessings of a thousand threads bestowed upon the place ... and all  that would pass beneath it ... and the tattered fabric ... the passage of time and the dispersement of goodwill.”
The work was commissioned by the Redmond Town Center and will continue on display until the end of summer.

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