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  • Written by Valley View Staff

CARNATION – You put an empty sandbag over the rear end and the rear handle, pick up the tool with both handles, scoop sand, rotate and the sand falls neatly out of the rear end into the sandbag. Another scoop and dump, and your sandbag is filled: no mess, no shovels, and no barked knuckles.

At the recent quarterly CERT meeting, members of the  Community Emergency Response Team made sandbag filling tools.

Valley ViewMaking sandbag filling tools are, left to right, Drs. Linda and Milt Hanson, Rich Widdle, Barb Corbett and Jennifer Hargrove. Raun Hargrove is just out of the photo on the right. (Photo by Kathy Brasch)If you want to be part of this community group and other programs of the Carnation Duvall Citizen Corps, check us out on

Have you search and rescue skills?

How about caregiving experience?

Want to help organize shelters?

When emergencies occur, can you get the word out by amateur radio?

Visit our website at and select “Get Involved.” You will be offered a questionnaire.
Fill out that online questionnaire and submit it. We will contact you.

Lots going on: (1) the next CERT Class, eight Monday evenings in a row, starts September 11; (2) we are participating in a region-wide earthquake response exercise September 30; (3) you can update your First Aid and CPR skills on October 14; and (4) our next quarterly CERT meeting is scheduled for October 26.

Help make your community safer, stronger and better prepared. Will you become a volunteer and give back to your community? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (206) 947-1930.

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