No access at Moss Lake Natural Area for culvert removal work, Sept. 11-29

  • Written by Valley View Staff

King County’s Moss Lake Natural  Area will  close to the  public  for  more  than two  weeks this  September as crews remove a culvert along a small stream in advance of installing a replacement bridge there next year.

The culvert removal project will block access to the majority of the trail system that winds through the natural area, which features a rare sphagnum moss bog, forested wetlands, and other habitat features.

Heavy dump truck traffic should also be expected along the Moss Lake Natural Area’s access road, and the gate to the parking lot will remain closed for the duration of the project.

Crews will reestablish public access to the site as soon as the old culvert is removed. Workers will monitor water elevations throughout the winter and into early spring to determine the proper height for a permanent bridge structure.

The 372-acre Moss Lake Natural Area is located five  miles southeast of Duvall.

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