Duvall Historical Society, World War II and It's Local Impact

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Great war

October 2
A Readers’ Theater Presentation -
2017 is the anniversary of the United States entrance into the “Great War,” World War I.  In commemoration, the Duvall Historical Society (with support from King County Library and 4Culture) will present a Readers’ Theater presentation on how the Snoqualmie Valley contributed to the War effort and how the War impacted our community.  We will take a look at the "Great War" and how it affected people differently, depending on their situations and viewpoints.  A powerpoint presentation will accompany readers who will be playing different roles.  A discussion will follow.

Join us on Monday, October 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Duvall Visitor Center, 15619 Main St., Duvall.  The public is invited.

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