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The upcoming election has some significant races throughout the state and in Duvall we have five city council positions and a mayoral race on the ballot.
We’ve asked each of the candidates the same questions to give our readers some additional information to help in making your voting decisions..

Here are the full questions and they are referenced below in the candidate’s response by the corresponding number and heading as shown:
1) Priorities: What are your priorities for the office? 2) Goals: What are your goals for Duvall? 3) Occupation/Education: What is your current occupation/education? 4) Experience: What is your experience in public office? 5) Endorsements: Do you have any endorsements that you would like to share?
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City of Duvall: Council Position 1
Dianne Brudnicki & Richard Wilson

Dianne Brudnicki
1) Priorities: Contributing through the leadership of fostering a strong community in all areas of our city is a top priority along with building a balanced budget.

2) Goals: Develop a strong vision for Duvall’s future that will incorporate the small town charm and retain its rural character.  As we build an economic development plan that will enhance our commu-nity and make us sustainable.
Develop plans for high value elements such as parks and open spaces with connecting trails, along with programs and events that provide opportunities to engage in culture and the arts.
Continue to support public safety for our citizens
Ensure that our city succeeds at developing a sustainable budget

3) Education/Occupation: Council member, Founder of the School of Art and Innovation; University of Oklahoma Bachelors of Arts, Fashion Institute of Technology NYC, Associates in Applied Science 

4) Experience: My first term in office I served on the economic development and land use committee. A very important time as we were coming out of moratorium.  I was very engaged in the development of design standards and managing growth to retain the character of Duvall as we moved forward. I also created programs that fostered arts and culture, as a component to build economic development.

In my second term, we were faced with the massive impact of the national economic downturn. I volunteered to manage Duvall days with a stripped down budget that was reduced by 90%.  Through dedicated community outreach, participation and resourcing, we were able to pull it off.  I also served on the Finance committee as Chairperson during the lean years. Working with the council we managed to retain our reserves and keep the budget healthy.

For the Main Street project, I proposed an idea to the Mayor that supported our cities’ Vision. Creating an art element that would tell the story of Duvall, its past, present and future.  Today, you can walk along Main Street and enjoy the art that provides a rich narrative, making Duvall a fine example for progressive urban design and place making.

In  my  third  term, I served as Mayor Pro Tem for two years, and was focused on building a collaborative environment as we worked on policies and city  business. I believe that collaboration from a diverse group of representatives provides the best outcomes. I made it my mission to engage council, building a team that was active and dedicated to the vision of our community.

5) Endorsements: Will Ibershof, Mayor of Duvall; Amy Okerlander & Michelle Hogg, Duvall City Councilmembers; Dan Cautrell, Artist and Community builder

Richard Wilson 
1) Priorities: My priorities are to address the traffic volumes and pedestrian safety concerns in the main street corridor. I would also like to improve the park system by aligning park impact fees for new development with the budget requirements needed for improved parks, trails and open spaces.

2) Goals: My goals if elected are to establish a legacy of smart and sustainable growth  for the  city.   This means looking at growth planning with a  holistic  approach  to city management. No annexations without considering impacts to current residents, impacts to regional traffic issues and local school crowding. We also need to focus efforts to support our business owners by increasing foot traffic downtown to encourage residents to patronize local businesses.

3) Occupation/Education: I have an Associates degree in Quality Control as well as a Bachelor’s degree Business Administration. Currently I am an Engineering and Operations manager supporting infrastructure and program management for electrical licensing, electrical infrastructure, fire and life safety, critical environments and mission critical systems for a large regional employer.

4 & 5) Experience & Endorsements: I have not previously held any form of public office  and  I  have  chosen not to pursue endorsements from outside committees and associations; if elected I do not want to be influenced by any factor other than what is best for the citizens of Duvall.
City of Duvall, Council Position 2
Matthew Eyer (unopposed)
My primary goal as a City of Duvall Council member will be to work with the Council, the Mayor and City of Duvall employees to ensure responsible management of City policies and efficient use of resources on behalf of the residents of Duvall.

The Northwest region, including Duvall, is experiencing a time of growth and prosperity; both are encouraging and concerning.  I see the benefits to our growing community of the addition of great people, good regional jobs and increased revenues.  I can also appreciate the concern of increased traffic and the anxiety of the fast pace of change.  I will do my best to represent the residents of Duvall by listening and making informed decisions to help manage this growth with the goal of maintaining Duvall’s identity as a small town.

City of Duvall, Council Position 3
Amy McHenry & Chantel Thurman

Amy McHenry
1) Priorities: As a city councilmember my immediate priority is to improve transparency in our government by ensuring the city provides video recordings of all city meetings. I will work to increase the responsiveness of our city council to the public in all forms of communication. If elected, I will work tirelessly to keep the focus on issues and as a community leader I will set a positive example of good conduct to improve the civility of our government. I believe that focusing on a transparent, responsive and civil decision-making process will encourage more public participation by showing citizens that their perspectives are highly valued.

2) Goals: My goals for Duvall center around what most citizens say is the most important asset of our community, its rural character and charm. I will work on what concerns our citizens the most: commute times, parks and open spaces, growth and economic development:

Improve traffic congestion by advocating for improvements at Duvall’s key commute intersections, that are outside of city limits, at regional committees.

Restart and fill the Parks Advisory Committee that we have in our city’s code so we can have a group of citizens focused on evaluating what we have, possibilities for expansion on assets we already own and areas that need a nearby park or open space.

Duvall will certainly continue to grow and we will need to be good stewards of taxpayer money, ensuring growth pays for growth.

Form an Economic Development Committee, full of leaders from our community, to develop a plan and meet regularly to adjust and keep the plan current with our ever-changing community.

3) Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology; Minor in Humanities, Western Washington University; Occupation: Duvall Business Owner, BaeBae Cakes LLC

4) Experience: I have never held a public office, but have extensive experience volunteering for organizations and communities I love. I excel in collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds and delivering on common goals.

5) Endorsements: I did not seek any official endorsements, but am humbled by the testimonials and yard sign requests I have received from the community.

Chantel Thurman
1 & 2) Priorities & Goals: To balance Duvall’s development opportunities and growth with a long-term vision that includes all our community interests.

To increase our City’s capacity for communication, citizen engagement and collaboration.

To strengthen Duvall’s ‘welcoming city’ identity by updating policies to ensure equity and access.

To invest in needed social services  for  our  young people by supporting community partners

3) Education/Occupation: I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and am a licensed mental health counselor, small business owner and parent.

4) Experience: This is my first run for public office.

5) Endorsements: King County Young Democrats and numerous local community members at

City of Duvall, Council Position 5
Michelle Hogg (unopposed)
1) Priorities: I am committed to listening to the community, respectful discussion with the City Council & Staff, and making thoughtful policy decisions that serve the community.  Although I am unopposed, I am out doorbelling to hear from the community.

2) Goals: Duvall’s small town charm is what draws people to live here. I would love to preserve the feeling of our small town.  Continue to improve our Parks, Trails and Open Space. Find solutions to traffic issues.  Keep growth at a smart pace.

3) Education/Occupation: Attended Interlake and  Bainbridge Island High Schools, Bellevue College and Western Washington University.  Real Estate Broker since 1984.  City Councilmember.

4) Experience: Duvall City Councilmember - Appointed in April of 2017; Duvall Sensitive Area/Tree Protection Advisory Committee Member 2017; Duvall Planning Commissioner 2016-2017
I spent 15 years in Northshore PTSA leadership roles at the local, regional and state level; PTSA President Maywood Elementary and Skyview Junior High; PTSA Co-President of Canyon Park Junior High and Northshore PTSA Council; PTSA Treasure Maywood Elementary; PTSA Secretary Skyview Junior High; I am proud to have been awarded the coveted Golden Acorn Award.

City of Duvall, Council Position 6
Jennifer Knaplund & Will Ibershof

Jennifer Knaplund
1) Priorities: My top priorities can be summed up by my mission statement: Community Driven, For a Livable Duvall.  As an elected official, my allegiance is to this community. It is critical that I stay in touch with the needs and desires of my fellow residents and respond by implementing that vision in a responsible manner.
Ensuring a livable Duvall encompasses maintaining our sense of community, strong schools, supporting our local businesses, commitment to public safety, reducing traffic stress, valuing the arts and our unique culture and history, caring for our youth and aging population, access to parks and recreation, all with affordability in mind (especially with respect to our tax burden and utility costs).

A council member must work effectively with fellow council members and city staff while making policy and budgetary decisions.  I will perform these duties with a focus on livability and community vision.

2) Goals: Address longer commutes, traffic congestion and impacts to our rural character by responsibly managing the pace of growth. Advance public commitments to improve parks, protect open space and improve deficient infrastructure by requiring development pay its full share of the cost to preserve Duvall’s livability. Analyze public and private economic investments with objective data and community participation so our small town is financially viable and protected. Advocate for Duvall by actively participating in regional and state growth deliberations and securing necessary public and private investments to achieve our community vision.

3) Education/Occupation: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Member Duvall Code Update Committee, Former Actuarial Analyst, Senior Programmer

4) Experience: I consider it an asset that I am new to serving in public office.  I will bring fresh ideas, energy, private sector experience, strong financial and analytical skills and creative leadership to resolve the demanding challenges facing our growing community. I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside our city’s experienced and accomplished staff.

5) Endorsements: My involvement in our city government began with a desire to become a more informed citizen.  That desire expanded to include promoting community awareness of decisions being made by our elected officials and alerting citizens to opportunities for providing input toward shaping Duvall’s future.  For me, a successful campaign is not about winning, but about ensuring an informed vote based on honest information.

I trust in the intelligence and discernment of our residents and have confidence that voters will make an independent decision without relying on political endorsements.  For these reasons I chose not to accept or solicit official endorsements. With that said, I am extremely honored by the many in our community who have reached out and requested a yard sign to express their support.

Will Ibershof
1) Priorities: I have three priorities if I am selected.
Work with our regional partners on growth and transportation. We have a large number of people moving into the region. They are all looking for housing and jobs. It is my goal to work with our regional cities and planning agencies on how we can continue to plan for this growth while improving the drive times for our citizens.
Continue to partner with key community groups to keep Duvall’s small town feel. As our community grows it is important that we keep our small town charm. That can be accomplished through our community events and activities.

Continue to improve our parks, trails and open spaces. Next year the council would like to review and update the current plan. It is important that we engage our citizens in this review and update. 

2) Goals: Continue to keep Duvall a safe place for our families. Continue to make smart investments in our parks and trails. Continue to partner with key community groups on Duvall’s small town feel. Continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce on improving opportunities for our businesses. A recent example is the improve-ments to Main Street.

3) Education/Occupation: I have a BA in communications from Puget Sound and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington.

4) Experience: I have served as a council member for four years, then 12 years as Mayor.

5) Endorsements: I am endorsed by a majority of the City Council as well as all of the Mayors in the Snoqualmie Valley. 

City of Duvall, Mayor
Amy Ockerlander & Jason Walker

Amy Ockerlander
1) Priorities: I will work internally to improve customer service, identify efficiencies, implement key policies to save taxpayer dollars, expand professionalism of city operations, and ensure a healthy, working relationship with council. As Mayor, I will utilize existing relationships with county, state and federal leaders to advocate for changes that improve our quality of life and have dedicated office hours in City Hall to increase access by staff and the community.

2) Goals: Manage growth through our Comprehensive Plan and policies. Increase economic development on Main Street. Retain the “safest small city” rating. Expand our Parks, Trails, Open Space and Sidewalks Programs. Maintain our small-town feel, while welcoming  our new residents

3) Education/Occupation: Councilmember/Former Executive Analyst. Bachelors, EWU, ’13 Leadership Eastside Graduate, Association of Washington Cities Advanced Municipal Leader, Multiple FEMA Courses

4) Experience: Elected in 2009, my work has focused on local, regional and statewide issues important to Duvall. I was elected by my peers twice to serve as Mayor Pro Tem and current-ly serve on the Sound Cities Associations Public Issues, Legislative and Nominating committees, Regional Transit Committee, Puget Sound Regional Council Executive Board, WA State Emergency Management Committee and as vice-chair of Eastside Transportation Partnership.

I am proud to have passed laws and community driven initiatives including a No-Wake Zone, criminal background checks of door-to-door solicitors, increasing transparency with the city website, publishing council audio and packets online.

I was honored to assist our police department with development of the community outreach program and worked with the Mayor to advocate for the Hwy 203 Sidewalk project, Big Rock Ballfield improvements, develop a public records policy to ensure public access while managing costs, move forward an emergency management plan update & hire a City Administrator.
Previously, I worked as a Legislative Asst. in Olympia, served at a senior level in Snohomish County managing state and federal legislative affairs, strategic advising, emergency public information and more.

5) Endorsements: Washington Conservation Voters, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, KC Exec Dow Constantine, KC Councilmember Kathy Lambert, State Reps Larry Springer & Roger Goodman, Former State Rep & Kirkland Councilmember Toby Nixon, Duvall Councilmembers Dianne Brudnicki, Michelle Hogg & Becky Nixon, Carnation, Duvall, Snoqualmie & North Bend Mayors, RSD Board Members Carol VanNoy & Danny Edwards, Carnation Councilmember Kim Lisk, Planning Commissioners Eric Preston & Dick Winn, Business Owners NJ Shelsby, Carol Kufeldt, Jennifer Tai & Dr. Caron Glickman, Susie & Wally Archuleta, Debby Neal, Kimberly & Jeff Piira; and Roger Jones

Jason Walker
1) Priorities: As an experienced land use and community planner, staff manager, and public infrastructure project manager in my career, I possess unique knowledge and an outcome-focus to lead our city, to meet the many creative challenges that growth and economics poses to our community, and to remain committed to protect and improve the quality of life in the beautiful place we share.

For Duvall to be the best-run and most welcoming small city.

2) Goals: Economy: Complete a strategic economic plan and subarea zoning plan to guide and incentivize economic development of Main Street. Initiate community-based budgeting. Require benefit/cost analysis for housing developments to limit financial liabilities. Consider utility rate reductions when sewer debt is paid-off. Implement fiber internet.

Community: Evaluate housing annexations with a citizen advisory vote. Perform third-party review of our transportation traffic model that sets developer impact fees/improvements. Complete a community-driven parks plan and McCormick Park Masterplan. Address miss-ing sidewalks. Participate in a transit assessment with Snoqualmie Valley Transit in 2018. Ensure continued focus on flood risk reduction for King County roads.

Support arts and culture. Involve youth representatives on city commissions. Reinstate budget allocations for human services organizations. Remain the safest small city in Washington. Ensure Duvall is prepared in the event of a disaster.

Environment: Update landscape code to include an urban forestry plan to increase tree canopy. Address water quality improvements to secure a responsible legacy of watershed protection.

3) Occupation/Education: Employment: Perteet Inc., Planning Manager (2010-present)
Education: Executive Master of Public Administration, UW; Certificate, Environmental Law and Regulation, UW; BS Landscape Architecture/Urban Planning, Arizona State University

Certifications: Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership; Registered Landscape Architect; Certified Wetland Scientist

4) Experience: 18 year Duvall resident, City Council, 2012-present (Mayor Pro-Tem 2013-14), Snoqualmie Watershed Forum (Chair 2013-16), Snoqualmie Valley Governments Association (President 2016), Planning Commission, 2007-12 (Chair 2011-12), King County Farm/Fish/Flood Advisory Committee, Snoqualmie Valley Community Network, Board of Directors, King County Growth Management Policy Council, Puget Sound Regional Council, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, Board of Advisors

5) Endorsements: I am grateful to have the compassionate support of my wonderful wife, and of local community members who know and value the voting decisions I have made on the Duvall City Council and in the best interest of our city: the only councilmember to vote against unnecessary residential housing annexations, voting against significant tax increases in the 2017 budget, and supporting comprehensive development impact fees to fund future parks.

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