Farewell my furry friend…

  • Written by Frank Sebenius
For the last three years or so, “Boone, the Intrepid Pup Reporter”, has shared his adventures and opinions about life in the Snoqualmie Valley. Always reporting with an honest and untainted voice, although usually with bits of turkey gravy in his beard. Boone loved his family, home and valley.
BooneLast Saturday, November 4, 2017, Boonie took up residence in the Happy Hunting Ground with his human brother Evan. I hope that together they are exploring new worlds and adventures. At all times, available to us across the Great Divide. To listen and help when they can. Leukemia took him suddenly. 
There is a bench along the Tolt-MacDonald trail that was installed when his brother Evan passed away three years ago. Many a time he has sat there listening to the wind, smelling the perfume of the river and enjoying the sunlight. If you get a chance, stop by the bench. Boonie is there.
I really can’t say much more. He was bigger than a dachshund in heart and soul. Be at peace, furry friend. You will be missed, and you are loved….

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