Cover Going Over the Old Barn Along Main Street

‘Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center’ entering new phase
Duvall Foundation for the Arts (DFA) continues its work on the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center near the location of the old historic Thayer Barn. Creating a physical indoor space for the arts and events has been a long held dream. This is a project DFA has undertaken for the long term benefit of the community. Because this is such a big endeavor, the project is being done in steps as DFA continues to raise money for the completion of the facility.
The original vision was to convert Thayer Barn into an art center but the barn and the property were owned by a private party. Until recently there was not an opportunity for DFA to move forward with the project. Due to structural issues the barn began to fall down and DFA, with a grant from 4Culture, partially disassembled it.
barn2DFA is now covering the remaining parts of the barn and the barn wood with a large steel framed, white canvas tent to store and ready the wood and architectural elements for eventual installation in the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center. Local contractor Cook Structural Movers are installing the ecology block foundation and adjusting the barn structure. ClearSpan is installing the steel frame and the canvas.
DFA has been hard at work making plans with Westcott Homes and the City of Duvall to coordinate the needed outdoor site improvements on a parcel of land that Westcott Homes is donating to DFA. These outdoor site improvements are scheduled to begin when Westcott Homes begins construction on their development. This improved parcel will be the eventual home of the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center.
4Culture and King County are providing the funding for the outdoor site improvements and it is expected that most of the outdoor work will be completed in the summer and fall of 2018. The goal is to have an additional outdoor space for the Arts as soon as possible and likely sometime in the summer of 2019.
DFA is developing the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center in steps as funding is put in place. The first step was disassembly and recovery of barn materials. The second step is protecting the barn wood and working through the details of how it will be used in the new art center. The third step is getting the outdoor site improvements installed. The fourth step is raising the money for the new building. The fifth step is development of detailed construction plans and the six and final step is constructing the building.
Award winning LMN Architects have been selected to further develop the designs for the Duvall Cultural & Performing Art Center. Their team recently visited the site to see the barn materials and observe the views of the final building site from SR203 and from the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. The essential community input DFA has gathered over the years is being used to inform the design.
Thayer barnDFA has received approximately $430,000 of funding from 4Culture and King County for the project, $7,500 from Rotary Club of Duvall and has separately raised over the years about $100,000 from the community. That brings the total funding for the project to $537,500 not counting the value of the donated parcel, the value of the donated designs, donated expertise, labor, and other in-kind donations.
The community has been very supportive of the project for example True Value Hardware has donated the paint for the eventual construction of the building and EF printing provided significant printing services for the project at no cost to DFA.
This project could not be underway without the work of current and former DFA Board of Directors and the critically important DFA volunteers and donors. “Each person who has worked on this project should feel proud that we are able to move forward now only because of the groundwork that has already been accomplished by so many people. It has truly been a community effort.” said Elizabeth Hill, volunteer Project Manager for the project. 
DFA still has a long way to go with regard to fundraising for the Duvall Cultural and Performing Arts Center building, the total project cost will exceed $10M. Fundraising through grants, donations, events, and volunteer time is critically important. You can designate your gift to the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center at  As a 501 c3 charity, any gifts are tax deductible.

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