Transportation Department - Years of Service Recognition

  • Written by Valley View Staff
Sabrina Warren, Transportation Supervisor, came forward and honored three long-time Riverview employees who are role models in their department. 
First off was Trish Scott, who has worked as a bus driver for 10 years in the district, makes her students smile and always comes to work with a positive attitude! Ms. Scott commented that she loves driving a bus, being part of this community, and it is a privilege to drive her students. Corrina Marty has worked a total of 20 years for the district.  She drives the Lake Margaret route, which has the most elementary students. She stated it has been a privilege to work in a district that she was raised in and attended school in. She has gotten to know many people throughout the years and at times, she wanted to move on to something new. However, she quickly realized that her passion is in school bus driving and she loves all the kids that she drives.
Kim Sheldon has worked 25 years in the district and recently a kindergarten parent complimented her, since her child was afraid to ride the school bus. However as soon as Ms. Sheldon opened the bus door, smiled and welcomed her, everything was fine. That is what is so great about the Transportation Department – they are part of the educational process of the children. Ms. Sheldon commented that she loves driving the bus, loves the kids, and loves being a part of Riverview & the vision of the district. She gets to work with great people and is not looking forward to retirement….other than not having to get up at 4:30 a.m. every morning!
Ms. Warren and the Transportation Department then recognized the Board, saying it was an honor and privilege to work with them and feel supported and validated by them. They congratulated the Board on receiving WSSDA (Washington State School Directors’ Association) Board of Distinction for the fourth year in a row and brought a cake to celebrate both the Board and the Transportation staff.
Ms. Van Noy thanked the Transportation Department for coming to the meeting and was pleased to be able to honor our long-time Transportation employees. She said we have the safest and best transportation units in the State of Washington and we are very proud of that!
You get up early and you start every child’s day off right! Thank you for being part of our team.

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