The PARADE Program: Over 25 years old and still creating a progressive pathway in K-12 education.

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Trendy language occurs not only in pop culture but in education too.  Trending now? Words like authentic learning, personalization, collaborative learning, and digital literacy.

Authentic learning according to Lauren Gilchrist in an article at addresses, “The push is toward an increase in real-world learning experiences. More schools are recognizing the value of closing the book (literally) in favor of practical learning. The question many are hoping to answer is, "What is the best way to provide such experiences for students?"

ParadeOne of the best ways I’ve found is through PARADE, which stands for Parents and Riverview Actively Delivering Education, a parent partnership program in the Riverview School District.

Our program is over 25 years old and still creating a progressive pathway in K-12 education. My daughters have attended PARADE for 8 years now and we have never looked back.

In PARADE we have the market cornered on practical learning. How?  Our students have the space to explore their lives and interests on their own terms. With classes being held from half a day to two days, our students have time during the week to follow their own curiosities, questions and passions.

Taught by certified teachers, students will explore a range of subjects as well as other trendy words like digital literacy, engagement, project based learning, and growth mindset. The Riverview School District provides the PARADE program with the latest tools, technology and guidance available for a safe intro into the digital world and a world of learning exploration.

Visit our program, talk to our teachers and meet a few parents at our Open House March 19th at 9:30-11 a.m. for grades K-4 and March 20th at 9:30-11 a.m. for 5th-12th grade. See for yourself the educational opportunities the PARADE program can provide.

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