OP-ED: KCFD 45 Proposition 1 for Duvall

  • Written by SUSAN RICH
Residents of the Duvall-King County Fire Protection District 45 have a life or death choice to make in the upcoming ballot.  The vote on KCFD 45 Proposition 1 on April 24 will determine if the Fire District will be able to support the lives and property of its 13,414 residents. Despite the importance of this vote, residents struggle to have accurate information.
The improved response times for the community are at the heart of the issue. More lives and property will be saved, individuals who were unable to get homeowner insurance will be able to get it, and those with insurance expect to see reduced insurance costs. The inaccurate information revolves around the cost of the improved service coverage.
New station JPEG(Courtesy photo)False vs. Fact
False: The tax will increase.
Fact: The tax rate will decrease from 32 cents/$1000 assessed value to 17 cents/$1000 assessed value.
False: The staffing will cost an additional $1 million each year.
Fact:  The staffing will go from the current $3.8 million to $4 million and maintain at that yearly rate, only about $250,000 a year. This amount will be covered by increase in population and housing values. 
False: The City of Duvall contributes more to the Fire District and does not need to support the unincorporated area.
Fact: Unincorporated Duvall contributes $50 million more than the City of Duvall. The city, however, receives more emergency calls.
An individual campaigning against the proposition called the unincorporated Duvall area “not worth the expense.” This ballot will determine if Duvall is a city that stands for community and neighbors helping neighbors.
According to the Fire District, “Current regular revenues are sufficient to allow the District to build up its reserves to aid in covering the increased cost of operating the station. As the property tax is the District’s sole source of revenue and I-747 limited the annual increases to 1%, the District is required to come to the voters every 3 to 5 years and ask for an increase in property taxes to cover inflationary and contractual operating costs. Having a long standing practice of conservative fiscal management, the District anticipates limiting the increases in taxes to those needed to maintain current operations. The District anticipates that it will be replaced by the regular levy, making any increases in taxes minimal at best. 
For any questions about the proposition, get the facts at
Please note that in the April 9 edition of the Valley View newspaper, the story on page 1 titled "KCFD 45 Proposition 1 for Duvall" should have been labeled as an Op-Ed Guest Column. The story written by Susan Rich is not necessarily the opinion of this publication. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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