Brain games are fun and keep you young!

I met a guy in the grocery store the other day. He said that since his mom died, all his Dad does is sit in his pajamas and watch TV all day.  He seems to be just waiting to die.  It makes me so sad. He’s tried so hard to get his father out of the house. 

This man is lucky to have a son who cares. He’s forgotten that aging is an opportunity that many don’t get.  Senior Centers are here for all older adults to enjoy this second chapter of life and to help us age well.

Professor Craig Ritchie, head of PREVENT Project and Professor of Psychiatry and Ageing at the University of Edinburgh said, “Depression and anxiety appeared to be strongly associated with dementia. We need to try to find a way to help people remain socially connected.”

Preventing isolation was “critically important” to reducing dementia risk, Professor Ritchie said. “Your brain lights up more when you’re having a conversation than if you were doing a crossword on your own.”

The Sno-Valley Senior Center offers Brain Fitness every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. for no charge. The laughter I hear in the class is a guard against dementia. 

Enjoying friends and meeting new people and having new experiences are a key to avoiding dementia in later life. We are never too old to learn. 

So what are your hobbies?  My Grandma loved bridge and played well to age 95 and still brought home the trophies!  That involved her brain and also got her out of the house and with friends.  It’s important to be engaged in life. 

The senior center offers a bridge club, a knitting group, Ping Pong, upwords, Wii bowling and lots of games and fun.  Doing things in groups make new activities even better for your brain. The social aspect helps you stick with it too.

So get out there and have fun!  Life is too short to not reach out.  Share your fabulous knowledge with others.

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