Duvall Poetry - October 3 - Emily Dietrich

  • Written by Valley View Staff
Duvall Poetry Open Mic meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesdays at the Duvall Library. Every month we have a featured reader (or two) plus an open mic reading. Next up Emily Dietrich on October 3.
Emily Dietrich writes novels and poetry. Searching for her own voice and encouraging others to find their own motivates her. Expressing and sharing emotion, hope, and comfort guide her content. Recent works are Holding True (Booktrope, 2013) The Angled Road, 2015, The Case of the Missing Mask and other Stories, (Puzzazz, 2012). Works in progress are: The Book of Forty, a novel; The Conjurer’s Almanaq, a puzzle book; and, constantly, poems. She has lived in Redmond for 19 years.

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