Duvall Fire Proposition 1

  • Written by David B. Clark
King County Fire District (KCFD) 45, commonly referred to as Duvall Fire, serves both the City of Duvall and the surrounding unincorporated areas of King County including: Lake Marcel, Kelly Road, Stossel Creek, Mountain View, and Lake Margaret.
In April 2018, KCFD 45 asked the voters to decide whether or not to fund the construction of new fire station to be located at 318th Ave NE and NE Cherry Valley Road. If approved, the fire district would have sold $7.5 million in bonds to fund the construction, purchase emergency vehicles, and make improvements to the headquarters fire station. The bonds would be paid back over a maximum of 20 years with a property tax increase of approximately $0.17 cents per $1,000 assessed value, or approximately $7 a month ($85/year) for the owner of a $500,000 home.
One of the most important reasons KCFD 45 is looking to build this second station is due to response times. Particularly, the areas of Lake Margaret and Mountain View would benefit greatly. After a Strategic Plan was established, it was calculated that responses times would be shortened by a minimum of eight minutes with the addition of a second station. The second station would have funds allocated to outfit this location with an aide car and a fire engine. With only one station now, the area relies on neighboring support to provide timely and potentially life-saving service. An additional station can save lives, drop insurance premiums, and establish an answer the Board of Fire Commissioners has been attempting to for the area since 2000. Additionally, the ballot measure would provide the funding for improvements on the existing Duvall fire station.
While the benefits for this new fire station are abundant, the fact remains that the bond did not receive a 60% supermajority when last  voted on. Bonds and levies are required to hit at least 60%. Proposition 1 garnered a majority of voter approval at 59.45%. It was calculated that the measure was approximately 12 votes short of passing. Now it is on the ballot for your consideration this November 6.
For information about the proposed station and bond measure, Duvall Fire invites you to attend an open house at the Fire District’s headquarters station (at 15600 First Ave NE, Duvall) at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 18. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn, voice their questions, and become more involved in their community. 
Historically, voter turnout is much higher for the General election rather than the Primary. Nevertheless, we at The Woodinville Weekly encourage you to educate yourself on the issues and vote.
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