The year end Best of 2018 from Duvall Police

  • Written by Duvall Police Department
A word of advice… If you have a felony warrant out of the U.S. Marshals’ Office, don’t forget to use your blinker when you make a turn. An Officer stopped a vehicle at River Road NE and NE Woodinville-Duvall Road and after investigating, determined the driver had a warrant. The driver was arrested and during a subsequent search, suspected heroin was found along with drug paraphernalia. River Road NE and NE Woodinville-Duvall Road: The driver was transported to the King County Jail Hilton where he spent the night until he was picked up by the Marshals. Yep, drugs are bad.
After receiving a complaint about abandoned vehicles at 14500 block of 272nd Place NE, Officers located a stolen vehicle out of Duvall. They notified the owner, who inspected the vehicle and found several items in the vehicle that were not his and the thieves must have left behind. Just like the warrant arrest and not using a turn signal, if you’re going to steal a car don’t leave your half-eaten cheese burger in the vehicle (although cheeseburgers are delicious). Officers were glad they were able to locate the vehicle and get it back to the owner in one piece. Remember to remove all valuables from your vehicle and don’t leave keys or your garage remote in the vehicle. Officers think the suspect is the Hamburglar but are not 100 percent sure, so keep your eyes peeled.
Officer stopped a vehicle at 26800 block of NE Big Rock Road and the driver did not have a valid license but did have an active warrant. Once again, if you have a warrant don’t drive with a suspended license.
Officers were dispatched to an animal problem at 26500 block of NE Cherry Valley Road. Officers located an escaped cow and wrangled her back home. Did you know: A cow's heart beats between 60 and 70 beats per minute. Cows can hear lower and higher frequencies better than humans. An average dairy cow weighs about 1,200 pounds. A cow’s normal body temperature is 101.5°F. And if you encounter one in the road, best MOOO-ve over.
Officer was contacted by a citizen who reported bees were flying around a hive in the back of a pickup at 1st Ave. NE/NE Ring Street. Officer located said bees and tried to catch them but to no avail and the bees got angrier. Officer located the owner who wrangled the bees up and told them to go home. “Bees! Bees! They’re everywhere! Your firearms are useless against them!”
Officer was dispatched to a deer in distress at 29000 block of NE 150th Street. While trying the greener grass on the other side of the fence, the deer became trapped and separated from its family. Officer was able to reunite the deer with its family after convincing it that while the grass may be good, family is better. Run, little deer family.
Officer received a complaint of a solicitor going door to door near 14500 block of 281st Ave. NE.  Officers played “Where’s Waldo” and attempted to locate the solicitor but were unsuccessful… and then, later in the week, officers received a report of a person going door to door soliciting near the 26500 block of NE Cherry Valley Road. Officers contacted the person and determined he was part of a group selling magazines. The person was advised he was in violation of City Ordinance and was instructed to stop until he obtained a license. Officers were unsure if this is the same solicitor they played “Where’s Waldo” with a few days earlier, but if so, they found him.
Officers received a report that cows were meandering down Cherry Valley towards SR203. Officers were able to locate the owner of said cows and they were quickly reunited with their pasture. Quite a MOO-ving reunion.
Officer stopped a vehicle at 15400 block of Main Street NE and after investigating determined the driver had a warrant. The warrant was non-extraditable so the driver was told, “this is your lucky day,” and advised to contact the Law Enforcement agency and get it cleared.
A citizen contacted police regarding a suspicious circumstance at his home the previous month. He stated someone came into his backyard, unhooked his motion light and removed it. (The world’s largest light bulb is around 13 feet tall and is in New Jersey).
Officers were dispatched to a local residence at 26900 block of NE Virginia Street when a citizen reported a bat flew into her house and she needed assistance getting it out. Officers arrived and coaxed the bat out of the residence by telepathic thoughts. Maybe that would have worked with the bees. 
Officer was dispatched to false burglary alarm at local residence at the 14200 block of NE 283rd Place. Officer met with home owner and she explained the issue. Her alarm did not allow for movement inside the home and she had a cat. The cat triggered the motion detector, she came back home and re-set the alarm to allow the cat freedom to move. Did you know a group of cats can be referred to as a clowder? And, in this case, as a prowler.
Officers dispatched to the 14900 block of 283rd Place NE after a report of a citizen locked out of her house. There were two children locked inside the house. Due to lack of a spare key and no availability of a locksmith, at the owner’s request, Officers booted in the door! Just like on TV.
Officer responded to a collision on Batten Rd NE at the 14100 block at the request of Duvall Fire. A young man only received minor injuries but learned the important lesson that trees are very unkind to cars. Trees create oxygen, shade on a sunny day, homes for woodland creatures and then just plain look nice. Hug a tree with your arms not the front end of your car.
Officers arrived at the 15500 block of 275 Ave, for the report of goats in the roadway. Officers attempted to locate a possible owner with negative results. The goats eventually made their way back into a nearby pasture. Oh, they said GOAT. Bit of a surprise to see a barnyard animal when you are expecting a classic muscle car. (GTO- Get it?).

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