Libraries are the place to go for kids and teens.

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Current popular programs at the Carnation Library include Game On (for teens) and Lego Build and Play (for kids / all ages welcome). There is  also a middle school and elementary school, and our Homeschool / alternative ed programs right nearby the Carnation Library and walk-in participants are welcome when programs start at 3 pm.

According to librarian Kirsten Edwards the library does not have staff capacity to simply create a whole slew of new after school programs, but they wanted to better serve this group of library patrons. She and Jenn Carder moved two ongoing programs to Thursdays and added one new program each to the mix that could be done without too much prep or money. They picked Thursday, because the Study Zone tutor, Mr. Tim, who is especially brilliant at helping kids and teens with math, is available afterschool on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The program lineup includes:

First Thursdays: Game on! Video and board games. There are a lot of old school favorites, and every summer there is a tournament for either Mario Kart or Smash Brothers (this year, we're doing both) for the regulars. Teens only.

Second Thursdays: Lego Build and Play. Jenn Carter runs these and activities include design challenges.

Third Thursdays: Middle School book club. The topics are decided by teens who attend, and the topics are booked out a couple months. Previous topics include Rick Riordan's Olympian series and "books we love to hate." Activities include treats and play riddle games as well as discussing the book and deciding future selections.

Fourth Thursdays: Children's book club: Jenn has picked a selection of popular, classic children's fiction and always organized a really creative hands-on activity for each one.

Fifth Thursdays: Surprise! There will be something special whenever they arrive. This first one is "Curiousity Kit" : Hands-on STEM-based creative learning and play and a scavenger hunt throughout the library.

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