Lambert to chair new committee on local government

Metropolitan King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert will chair the new committee on local government (the Local Services, Regional Roads and Bridges Committee).
As part of the Council’s annual reorganization, the Local Services, Regional Roads and Bridges Committee will work directly with the Department of Local Services, which was launched at the beginning of the year. The Department of Local Services will directly serve the more than 250,000 residents of unincorporated King County, making it easier for unincorporated residents to access critical services.  One of its goals is to work to provide better services, monitor service levels, and craft policies focused on unincorporated communities.
“I look forward to being able to work with staff to identify and meet the unaddressed needs for our aging roads, bridges and even meeting the new laws for culverts. We need to keep citizens informed of how we can work together with Olympia to get the necessary resources to solve these problems.
Lambert will continue as the chair of the Regional Water Quality Committee and will also serve as a member on the Council’s Committee of the Whole, the Mobility and Environment Committee, the Health, Housing & Human Services Committee, and the Board of Health.
“As we prepare for the future, people talk about housing and jobs, but often the utility infrastructures and the important resources like water, aren’t planned adequately. I want to set up a plan to meet our current and future water needs.”
Lambert will also serve as the vice chair on several committees. She will remain the vice chair of the Law & Justice Committee, which is responsible for policies relating to public safety and criminal justice. The adopted 2019-2020 King County Budget includes $1.4 billion for law, justice, & safety funding to protect the residents of King County.
Lambert worked on the leadership team that negotiated the 2019/20 King County Budget and she will remain the vice chair of the Budget and Fiscal Management Committee (which oversees supplemental budgets and other financial related tasks for the County). While Lambert has served on the committee, King County has continued to maintain the highest credit rating available to government.
Lambert leads or serves on eight vital committees for the county, along with numerous outside committees. “It’s a very heavy workload that keeps me very busy, but serving on all these committees helps me understand how needs mesh and how services can be coordinated to meet the varied and growing needs of the county.
“I am excited for the opportunity to chair this new committee and work with the Department of Local Services to deliver high quality service to the residents of unincorporated King County and make it the ‘Best Run Local Government,’” said Lambert.

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