February Police Blotter: Snow, lots and lots of snow… oh and warrants!

  • Written by City of Duvall Police Department
Unknown trouble- 02/03/2019 @ 6:43PM near the 26700 block of NE Beadonhall Street:
Officer dispatched to an unknown trouble report.  Officers arrived and after investigating determined a person accidently discharged their firearm.  Charges were forwarded to the prosecutor. 
Traffic offense- 02/04/2019 @ 1:50PM near the intersection of 276th Place NE/NE 150th Street:
Officer was dispatched to a driver doing donuts in the snow. Officer contacted the driver and counseled him on his driving behavior. Presumably, officer was very familiar with donuts.
Welfare check- 02/05/2019 @ 6:45PM near the 15500 block Main Street NE:
Officer checked on male due to cold conditions. Male indicated he needed nothing from Officer and was waiting for a ride.
Fugitive arrest- 02/06/2019 @ 1:02PM near the intersection of 1st Ave. NE/NE 145th Street:
Officers contacted a male walking down the roadway carrying and pushing 4 tires.  After investigating, officers determined the male had a warrant for reckless driving and he was subsequently arrested.  The male was transported to Issaquah jail where he was booked for the warrant.  The tires were turned over to a female acquaintance.  No word on an actual car for the tires.
Auto theft- 02/12/2019 @ 3:26AM near the 28000 block of NE 142nd Place:
Officer was dispatched to an auto theft report.  Officer arrived and spoke with the victim who stated her grandson stole her vehicle about an hour earlier.  The vehicle was entered as stolen and a case report was completed. 
Lockout- 02/15/2019 @ 12:47PM near the 14000 block of Main Street NE:
Officer was dispatched to a vehicle lockout where the driver locked their keys inside their vehicle.  Officer arrived and made quick work of getting inside the vehicle. 
Fugitive arrest- 02/17/2019 @ 8:48PM near the 14000 block Main Street NE: 
Officer observed a known female sitting in a vehicle in a local business parking lot.  Officer recognized her from previous contacts and knew her to have a warrant.  Officer contacted the female and arrested her for a drugs warrant.  The female was booked into Issaquah jail. 
Agency assist- 02/20/2019 @ 7:10PM near mile marker 16 on SR203:
Officers dispatched to report of brandishing and assault in Monroe. Officer observed suspect vehicle northbound at the 15900 block Main Street NE. Officer conducted traffic stop at MP16. Driver was in possession of a firearm and charges will be forwarded to the prosecutor. 
Lockout- 02/21/2019 @ 3:35PM near 26800 block of NE Anderson Street:
Officer was dispatched to a vehicle lockout where the driver accidently locked her keys inside her vehicle.  Officer arrived and unlocked the vehicle in record time!
Unwanted person- 02/25/2019 @ 4:33PM near the 15300 block of Main Street:
Officers contacted a subject who was trespassing at a local business and drinking beer outside the establishment. The subject was arrested due to previously being trespassed and was subsequently booked into Issaquah jail.
Fugitive arrest- 02/27/2019 @ 2:20AM near the 14300 block Main Street NE:
Officer initiated a traffic stop and after investigating arrested the passenger for two warrants.  The passenger was book into Issaquah jail. 

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