County Executive Proposed Parks Levy

  • Written by Valley View Staff
Executive Dow Constantine wants to renew the current King County Parks Levy which is expiring at the end of the year.
Under the levy proposal, the City of Duvall would receive approximately $700,000 in direct pass-through funding to support Duvall’s local parks and recreation programs, an increase of $605,000 over the 2014-2019 levy. This funding as proposed can be used for capital or operating needs related to local park needs. 
The levy would cost 16.82 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value, which would cost the owner of a home valued at $500,000 about $7 per month, which is about $2 more than they currently pay.
It also includes three grant programs that cities could access over the six-year levy. The first is $35 million of grant funding available for cities to acquire open space within their communities. King County cities will apply for this funding through a competitive grant process if they are interested in park acquisitions, including natural lands, urban green spaces for active and passive recreational uses, local trails and open space lands.
The second is a new $6 million equity-focused grant program which would improve access to parks and recreation in communities that are
The third program would allow cities to apply for the Community Partnerships and Grants program, a program that works with partners to design, build or program new and enhanced public recreation facilities. A total of $9 million would be available under this grant program in the proposed levy.
A number of regional assets that Duvall residents use would also be improved during the 2020-2025 Parks Levy timeframe, from rehabilitation of backcountry trails, such as Tolt-MacDonald Park, to improving facilities at Marymoor Park such as the concert area. In addition, during this levy period with other funding sources, King County Parks plans to invest in infrastructure, replacing and repairing bridges on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail around the Duvall area.
The proposal would also expand and connect regional trails, improve access to green space and recreation, and keep the county's parks
and trails clean, safe, and open.
King County Parks is planning to do outreach and hold a public process later in 2019 around potential uses at Duvall Park which could lay the foundation for additional grant funding, including Youth and Amateur Sports grants, Recreation and Conservation Office state grants, and the Community Partnership and Grant program funding which is proposed to be available to cities beginning in 2020.
About 80 percent of King County Parks’ operational budget is funded by levy.

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