Snow Days - Riverview School District

  • Written by Valley View Staff
Riverview School District board approved a motion to request waivers from the Superintendent of Public Instruction in order to minimize the time the school year must extend into June this year.
Students missed a total of seven days because of weather, and Cherry Valley Elementary missed an additional day due to power outages.  Districts cannot get waivers unless they have met the state required 1027 instruction hours for students, but they can request extra time be waived after those hours are met. The state law also says that each school must make up at least three days regardless of anything else.
Riverview School District built in a little extra time in the school year in anticipation of snow or emergency days but adding the required three make up days will extend the school year further into June.  The district can expect a decision in the next few weeks, and schedules will be confirmed after that.

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