‘Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center’

  • Written by Valley View Staff
Construction is underway on the outdoor area while DFA continues to raise funds for the building.
Duvall has a rich cultural history and has a very active art community. The community has many outdoor art events throughout the year and is very much in need of an indoor space for exploration and enjoyment of the arts.
imageDuvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center rendition (courtesy photo)
That is why the Duvall Foundation for the Arts (DFA) with support of King County’s 4Culture, the City of Duvall, the Rotary and local businesses continues its work on the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center near the location of the old historic Thayer Barn. This is a project DFA has undertaken for the long-term benefit of the community. Because this is such a big endeavor, the project is being done in steps. Currently DFA is raising money for the completion of the new building.
Over 20 years ago, the original vision was to convert Thayer Barn into an art center however the barn and the property were owned by a private party. The Cultural Center has always been tied to and is dependent on the private development and subdivision of the whole parcel. Until recently there was not an opportunity for DFA to move forward with the project. Eventually the barn structure failed and it began to fall down. DFA, with a grant from 4Culture, partially disassembled the Thayer Barn and covered it with the large white tent that sits along SR203 on the southern end of Duvall. The old barn was expertly disassembled by Cook Structural Movers who also helped ClearSpan install the cover. This was done with the goal of repurposing architectural elements and wood from the barn in a new building. The cover of the temporary tent is white to allow natural light to provide illumination within the tent eliminating the need for indoor lighting. DFA will continue to raise money for the Duvall Cultural and Performing Art Center.
The City of Duvall designed and constructed the road frontage improvements in 2018 as part of their SR203 safety improvements. Westcott Homes, the overall project owner and developer, started the outdoor site improvements for the Cultural Center in the fall of 2018 and will continue to work on the outdoor area during the summer of 2019.
4Culture and King County have provided the funding for the outdoor site improvements which include utilities for the new building. The property will be donated by Westcott to the DFA. The outdoor area will be owned and managed by the DFA and is expected to be ready for use in the summer of 2020.
DFA continues to move forward with raising money for the new Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center building which will be located on the DFA property to support arts and culture in the valley. Award winning LMN Architects developed the conceptual design for the Duvall Cultural & Performing Arts Center based on input from the community that DFA collected over the years. The design has been approved by the City of Duvall.
The new building will include a flexible performance and event space on the top floor which will have high open ceilings. There will be an art gallery and informal gathering space on the second floor and the daylight basement floor will support the upstairs and outdoor activities. Balconies will provide opportunities for looking out over the valley and the grounds will be connected to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail.
Recently, internationally known local valley artist Don Fels has been selected by DFA the Duvall Cultural Commission and he has joined the project team. Don Fels’ work will focus on how to best use the old Thayer Barn parts within the new Cultural Center.
DFA has received approximately $430,000 of funding from 4Culutre and King County for the project, $11,925 from Rotary Club of Duvall and has separately raised over the years about $100,000 from the community. That brings the total funding for the project to over $540,000 not counting the value of the donated parcel, the value of the previous donated designs, donated professional expertise, labor, and other in-kind donations.
The community has been very supportive of the project, for example True Value Hardware has donated the paint for the eventual construction of the building and provided shovels for the groundbreaking of the outdoor area. EF printing provided significant printing services for the project at no cost to DFA early in the project.

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