Mother Teresa Student to Speak in Carnation

  • Written by Valley View Staff
Paparao Yeluchuri has been making small miracles happen daily in his hometown of Kakinada, India for more than 25 years. Having grown up in extreme poverty himself, the realities of not having enough food for the day or a blanket at night are all too real to him. Fortunately, he caught a break in the form of education. Excelling and persisting through numerous challenges, his grit paid off and he is one of the lucky few to break free of the cycle of poverty.
Yes to Kindness SpeakerPaparao Yeluchuri will speak about his work with the poor in his native India at a YES! Kindness Works event in Carnation.
Since then, it has been Paparao’s mission to uplift others in the same fashion. By coincidence, Paparao worked under Mother Teresa for the better part of a year. An experience that inspired him to jump start a number of programs. He has cultivated progress in destitute areas by building water wells, running 10 primary schools, opening a hospital and conducting feeding programs for young mothers. His focus on supporting girls through education, and his successful community partnerships have birthed significant improvements in the region.
Local non-profit YES! Kindness Works will host Paparao to speak about his background and continued work in impoverished India on August 10 at the 4th Annual Hoedown For YES! event and silent auction in Carnation.
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