PoliceBlotter - July 8, 2019

Suspended licenses, warrants, alcohol and drugs edition.
Traffic offense- 06/01/2019 @ 2:44PM near the intersection of 3rd Ave. NE/NE Bird Street: Officer stopped a vehicle after the officer recognized the subject as someone with a suspended driver's license. The subject will receive paper work in the mail with a court date.
Animal- 06/02/2019 @ 2:28PM near the 16300 block of 3rd Ave. NE: Officer found a loose dog, in the road, and was later able to give him back to the owner.
Business permit problem- 06/05/2019 @ 7:00PM near the 15000 block of NE 272nd Place: Officer dispatched to report of illegal soliciting. Officer contacted the solicitor and informed her of the permit requirement.
Traffic offense- 06/05/2019 @ 7:33PM near the 27000 block of NE 145th Street: Officer observed a motorist who was not utilizing the required safety equipment. Officer executed a traffic stop and discovered the driver had a suspended license.
Traffic offense- 06/08/2019 @ 8:50PM near SR203 mile post 16: Officers stopped a driver who was found to have a suspended driver’s license. Driver will be cited through investigation for driving with a suspended driver’s license in the 3rd degree and infractions for expired tabs and no proof of insurance.
Fugitive arrest- 06/10/2019 @ 11:09AM near the 15300 block of Brown Ave.: Officer spotted a subject with a warrant for his arrest. The subject was about to board a bus, and showed Officer with paperwork for a court appearance, to quash the warrant. Officer allowed the subject to leave, and instructed him to take care of the warrant.
DUI- 06/12/2019 @ 3:54PM near the 14000 block of Main Street NE: Officers were dispatched to a possible DUI driver who pulled into a local business parking lot. Upon arrival, Officers located the suspected vehicle, driver exited, and walked into the business. Officers checked the vehicle and located drug paraphernalia. Officers then attempted to locate the subject whose identity was known, but were unsuccessful. Vehicle was towed to the PD as evidence, and a search warrant was applied for.
Animal- 06/12/2019 @ 4:24PM near the 14000 block of Main Street NE: Officer was contacted by a citizen who reported a dog in a vehicle. Due to the hot weather officer contacted an occupant of the vehicle and told them they could not leave the dog in the vehicle. The occupant went back to the vehicle and took the dog out.
Drugs- 06/12/2019 @ 4:54PM near the 14000 block of Main Street NE: Officers contacted a female in a vehicle in a local business parking lot. While speaking with the female officers observed drug paraphernalia. Officers were given consent to search the vehicle and located several drug paraphernalia items. The items were confiscated as evidence and the vehicle was released to the female.
Traffic offense- 06/13/2019 @ 8:29AM near the 27000 block of NE 152nd Street: Officer stopped a vehicle and after investigating determined the driver had a suspended license and also did not have the required ignition interlock device. Due to staffing, officer did not physically arrest the driver and advised him that he would receive a criminal citation and infraction in the mail that he needed to respond to. Officer advised the driver not to drive.
Fugitive arrest- 06/14/2019 @ 4:24PM near the intersection of NE Stephens Street/Main Street NE: Officers contacted a person who Redmond Dispatch advised had a warrant. The person was able to produce paperwork which appeared to show he had been released on his own personal recognizance after going to court and had a court date scheduled at a later time.
Directed enforcement- 06/22/2019 @ 7:18PM near the 15400 block of Main Street NE: Officer conducted a distracted driving emphasis in a high traffic area.
Car prowl- 06/24/2019 @ 8:57AM near the 26700 block of NE Cherry Valley Road: Officer responded to a car prowl which occurred sometime earlier in the morning where a couple items were stolen. Not cool to take things that do not belong to you!
Agency assist- 06/26/2019 @ 10:44AM near the 14100 block of Main Street NE: Officer responded to a local business at the request of Duvall Fire. Officers assisted in detaining an extremely intoxicated person, who was then transported to a local hospital for detox.
Drugs- 06/26/2019 @ 2:59PM near the 26300 block of NE Big Rock Road: Officer was dispatched to a report of needles found on the ground. Officer arrived and safely disposed of the needles in a sharps-container.
Drugs- 06/26/2019 @ 4:02PM near the 15500 block of Main Street NE: Officer was contacted in regards to found drug paraphernalia. Officer arrived and took the paraphernalia and placed it into evidence for destruction.
DUI- 06/26/2019 @ 11:20PM near the 14000 block of Main Street NE: Officer was dispatched to an intoxicated female getting into a vehicle. Officer arrived and after investigating arrested the driver for lack of physical control. The driver was around 3 times over the legal limit of .08. Please, please, do not drink and drive.
Lockout- 06/28/2019 @ 1330PM near the 15600 block of 1st Ave. NE: Officers were advised of a vehicle lockout at the Duvall Fire Station. Officers arrived and were able to gain access to the keys and pull them through an opening in the door.

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