Native plant sale March 5th at TMS

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Tolt Middle School’s Multi-Age Program in cooperation with King County Conservation District will be holding its ninth annual native plant sale on Saturday, March 5th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in front of the school in Carnation.

Native plants ranging in size from six inches to several feet will once again be available for absurdly low prices. Most plants will be priced at only $2 and $3.

Experienced guides will be onhand to answer questions about the planting and watering needs for these plants.

Property owners will be able to replace trees and shrubs, damaged from the year’s fluctuating heat waves and cold spells, with affordable hardy plants that handle extremes in weather more readily than non-native specimens costing a great deal more. Tired of needy non-native plants that guzzle water and chemical fertilizers? Here is the opportunity to replace thirsty and hungry specimens with plants that require little or no watering, and thrive without pesticides and fertilizers.

Some of the varieties available include Pacific rhododendron, Indian plum, Nootka rose, Pacific silver-fir, red osier dogwood, paper birch, woodland strawberry, and Western red-cedar.

The Northwest’s best erosion-control groundcover, salal, will also be available for purchase, as will kinnikinnick.

A complete list of plants is available to view at this website: Money raised will be used to purchase technology and other equipment for classrooms.

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