Help the fire dept.

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Display your house numbers.

Imagine an emergency at your house: a fire in the attic, the accidental poisoning of a child, an older relative with severe chest pain, a prowler in the backyard.

You’ve called 911 and you are waiting anxiously for help to arrive … Now change places. Imagine the firefighter in the engine, the paramedic in the medic unit, the officer in the police car responding to your emergency call, driving down your street, looking for your home. But they can’t find it. "Is it the next house?", "Did we pass it?", "Is it this driveway?", "Do you see a house number anywhere?"

Precious seconds tick by as emergency vehicles slow, stop, back-up, and turn around looking for your house.

Scenes like this happen daily in the Snoqualmie Valley. Why? Because many houses in our community do not have their house numbers clearly marked.This is especially problematic because of the prevalence of long driveways and dark roadways in rural King County.

Prominently displayed house numbers, clearly visible, day or night, are key to responders being able to reach you and your neighbors in an emergency.

Marking your residence clearly can save seconds, or even minutes when fire and police units are responding to a call at your house or in your neighborhood.

For recommendations on posting your house number clearly, please go to the Duvall Fire website: If you have any questions about how to mark your residence, please call Duvall Fire at (425) 788-1625. Please help us help you.

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