Community art center planning moves forward

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The Thayer Barn, on the west side of SR 203 just south of Duvall, is continuing to be disassembled by Cook Structural Movers on behalf of Duvall Foundation for the Arts.  

The Cooks did some heavy lifting to complete this part of the project!  The purpose of carefully taking the barn apart is to save the best remaining wood and architectural elements of the Thayer Barn for reuse in the new Yellow Barn Snoqualmie Valley Community Art Center.

vvjames and danJames and Dan Cook of Cook Structural Movers stand in front of the pile of trusses they removed from the Thayer Barn. The pieces will be stored until the new structure (Yellow Barn Snoqualmie Valley Community Art Center) will be built. (Photo by Lisa Allen)So far the cupolas have been removed, the loft of the barn has been taken down in major sections, and other wood materials from the barn have been tucked away. The critical work of bringing down the loft had to be done now because the barn was starting to collapse under its own weight.

The Duvall Foundation for the Arts is working on the details of how these recovered materials will be stored, processed, repaired or further disassembled. 4Culture is helping offset some of the costs of the disassembly with a $10,000 grant.  
Thanks to volunteer project manager Connie Zimmerman, volunteer field manager Wendy Coopman, and volunteer photographer Adam Schwinn of Adam’s Auto Angel for their work on this part of the project. This project is fueled by volunteers.

The old wood is being saved for the new facility to be enjoyed by the community so it is unfortunately not available for individuals.

vvbarn endThe north end of the Thayer Barn is lifted off in one piece by two cranes. (Photo by Kermit Allen)Anyone interested in working on processing the old wood for use in the new barn, please contact the Duvall Foundation for the Arts through our website or by attending one of our weekly Saturday meetings at 11 a.m. at the Visitor Center on Main Street in Duvall. We are in the process of assembling a team of folks to do that important work.  

The Duvall Foundation for the Arts has a vision for how the barn will be used and how it will support itself financially which is critically important.   

The barn will be available as a wedding venue, a performance hall, a place for parties, dances, corporate meetings, community events, and other types of art events.

On January 10 the community was invited to participate in a use planning session where the future uses were discussed. These discussions will be used to create the interior design which is in progress.

vvbarn bldg elevationArtist rendering of future Yellow Barn Snoqualmie Valley Community Art CenterIt is essential that the Duvall Foundation for the Arts continues to raise money for the new Yellow Barn Snoqualmie Valley Community Art Center because it is possible that the developer who is planning to donate the land to the Duvall Foundation for the Arts for the new barn could be ready to break ground as early as summer of 2015.

Once the money is raised, the new facility will take about 18 to 24 months to complete.

The planned location for the new facility is just west of the barn’s current location.  The exterior designs for the new Yellow Barn are complete (see right). Cost estimates are being developed. For more information and to make a donation to the new barn, go to

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