Carnation’s first traffic signal to be activated

  • Written by Valley View Staff

At 9 a.m. on Thursday, December 15, the first traffic signal in Carnation will be activated.

The installation of this signal has been a priority of the city for over 10 years, to allow pedestrians to safely cross SR 203 and to allow Entwistle vehicular traffic to safely enter or cross SR 203.  With funding provided by the Transportation Improvement Board (TIB),  the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) through the Snoqualmie Tribe and project management provided through King County, the city was able to get the project finished with little expense to local taxpayers.  Representatives from the city, county, state, Snoqualmie Tribe and school district have all been invited to participate in a small ceremony prior to the activation of the signal. Citizens are welcome to attend. In addition to the Entwistle Signal, a school crossing caution light was installed at the Morrison/SR 203 intersection through a grant from the WSDOT Safe Routes to School program.  That pedestrian-activated crossing signal will provide a safer crossing of SR 203 for Carnation Elementary School students.

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