Tolt Middle School ASB delivers 90 cans of SPAM to Hopelink

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD
The Tolt Middle School annual magazine drive was a huge success as the Associated Student Body (ASB) and students were able to raise a portion of the funds needed to support the many ASB activities and events the fundraiser supports.

As part of selling magazines to raise dollars, students earn some simple prizes along the way as incentives to help reach the overall school goal. The Tolt PTSA is invaluable as helpers in collecting, processing and verifying orders. Throughout the drive, students earned cute ducks on lanyards so they could play games at lunch, spin the money wheel, attend a limousine luncheon, and attend a school-wide assembly. In addition, for every five magazine orders sold by a student, a can of SPAM was generated as a donation to the local food bank, Hopelink, in Carnation.

Fundraisers and incentives with prizes are commonplace in our schools these days but the ASB at Tolt wanted to also figure out a way to give back to their community. Built into the structure this year was to earn a can of SPAM for donation. After wrapping up all the sales, prizes, and orders, 90 cans of SPAM found their way to the middle school. The timing couldn’t have been better as 7th graders Keelee Reid and Tayla Weaver, along with the ASB advisor, Mr. Richert,  delivered all 90 cans to the food bank the week before winter break.

Giving back to their community and earning the dollars needed to support ASB activities is a great achievement by Tolt students. Students demonstrated Tolt pride through this successful fundraiser and needed food contributions during these trying economic times.

Ordering magazines and receiving the profit back to the school is now available all year long. As a reminder, the money earned goes to support ASB activities such as the student recognition program called Tolt Bucks, student of the month breakfast, activity buses two days a week, expenses for athletic competitions such as official fees, offsetting of costs for after-school socials, uniform replacement, and many other student-centered activities.

Subscribers can renew subscriptions and order new magazines at any time by visiting the Tolt website at and click on the QSP link. Regardless of when you order, the Tolt ASB will receive the 40 percent profit from each sale.

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