Reflections of Christmas

  • Written by Maddy Kufeldt

Lights of Christmas

by Maddy Kufeldt

Gazing out at night beyond my window, I peer at all the Christmas lights that shine upon the night, they twinkle with the stars, shimmering so bright overhead.

The ghostly glow of the moon gives off a peaceful aura. The fresh snow untouched and glistening in the milky light of the moon, dazzling with the sky as the cold frosty air blows past the bare chilling trees, carrying the rotting leaves and a dusting of snow, dropping it wherever it may.

All different colors fill the air, a blazing blue, emerald green, crimson red, shirking yellow, and an oh so permanent purple.

The colors glow through a thick layer of fog, as the frogs croak in sync with the twinkle of the stars. They croak loud and never stop till the crack of dawn, the stars overhead dance and polish across the sky to the ribbits of fat toads and thin little frogs.

The towns and cities alike, glow in the darkness while an old jolly fat man dressed all in red soars through the sky bringing Christmas cheer to every house and street. The lights are his road’s illumination, helping to guide him where he’s needed. Silently leaving presents under the trees and in the little kids stockings. As he leaves for the year, he shouts as he leaves to his home, “A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

And just think, once every year it happens outside your window. And all you have to do, is listen and look.

Editor’s note: The following is 6th-grader Maddy Kufeldt’s December literary essay, a class assignment from Tolt Middle School teacher Lorna Barth.

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