Kait Teachout

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

Kait Teachout and student Emma Joy Spell. Courtesy photo
Kait Teachout has been employed in Riverview for the past 10 years.

She initially worked at Eagle Rock Elementary and then in the resource room at Cherry Valley Elementary as an educational assistant for three years. It was this experience that inspired her to become a teacher. She was a student teacher at Eagle Rock Elementary, and was then hired to teach second and third graders.

Kait has taught at the fifth grade level as well. Currently she is enjoying teaching and being inspired by her second grade class at Cherry Valley Elementary.

Along with teaching, horticulture is another of Kait’s passions. She was a manager at Molbak’s in Woodinville for several years, which led to a the position as a resource specialist for the King County Conservation District. During this time she was involved in numerous restoration projects with Scout troops, 4-H groups and public school children. It was through this experience in working with children that Kait began to realize and experience the many rewards of teaching.

When asked about her most favorite part of teaching, Kait shares, “There are so many things that I enjoy about teaching, but my absolute favorite occurs in is the time when the students change and become a ‘classroom community.’ It is such a great joy to see them sharing their excitement about learning with each other, and to see them appreciate the unique gifts that each of their classmates bring. I have found that historically each of my classes has had its own distinct personality and shared interest.”

She continues, “My class this year has been very interested in Earth Science, and through their own inquiry we have explored and learned about the Pangaea. One of my 5th grade classes loved language and words. We created a philologist’s corner and at the end of the year they all claimed words that they liked and took them home! My class motto is, ‘24 heads are better than 1’ and ‘You learn something new every day!’ Nothing makes me happier than watching my kids apply these mottos.”

Kait is grateful to have had the opportunity to experience teaching in grades 2 -5.  When people ask her what grade is her favorite to teach ... she can’t really say because she enjoys them all, and the different experiences they offer.

She is very much looking forward to teaching at the PARADE program beginning in September 2012, as PARADE offers her the chance to teach students in a multi-age setting.

She herself was a PARADE parent years ago, when both of her children attended the program, and she remembers what an incredible experience it was for them.

Outside of the classroom, Kait enjoys spending time with her husband and two grown children who attended the Riverview School District.  Her hobbies include hiking, biking, gardening and bird watching.

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