I remember

  • Written by Boone with Frank Sebenius

A couple of weekends ago, there were a lot of interesting things going on in our little valley. Almost everyone I have met over the last couple of years during fun events and social gatherings has expressed how wonderful it is to live in an area so rich in beauty and diversity. Yeah, big words for such a small dog, but we all have hidden talents. In fact, for example, my brother Flynn can eat a whole squeaky toy and not even blink. While the rest of us can only down a bite or two. Now, that’s talent … but I digress …

Two weeks ago, the Valley celebrated what my People called “Memorial Day.” There were big flags all over the place. At Carnation’s hardware store, the Duvall Auto Parts store and especially in the cemeteries. I think they were the flags of our country, but color is not my strong suit, so I am just going with this. My People Dad explained to me that we were celebrating the lives lost in defending our country. The women and men that fought in wars overseas, in the air and on the ground. Fighting for our rights to vote and speak out without condemnation or repercussion. The right to seek justice through a unique system called a “Democracy.” Where no man or woman is above the law. 

We were also remembering those friends, family and pets that have gone on to the happy hunting ground. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children … cats (shiver). All to be remembered fondly. So many things have passed, never to return.

Just as people have moved on, so do other things. We have shared so many memories of holiday festivities, Fourth of July parades, farmers markets, concerts and even the search for mundane things like “Sunny Spots.” All beautiful memories. Firemen, police officers, dancers, balloons, pancake breakfasts … ah, pancakes….

What I am getting at, is that we can let the daily grind make us weary. Tear us down a notch. But by thinking back just a little, and for a dog, there’s not much more than a little, one can give new life to memories that were wonderful and full of treats … mmmm treats … uhmmm … oh, where was I ... let’s see … memories, Memorial Day … right. Like for instance, when you went to the Classic Auto Show during the Fourth of July in Carnation. The beautiful cars, happy people, maybe even sunshine. Popcorn, music, dancers and fireworks. What an exciting time for everyone. And to the guy with the red Corvette, I apologize for the tire. It should wash off easily.

Try to remember that Memorial Day doesn’t happen just once a year in May. It’s every day. We should honor all of those veterans, both past and living. Without them, well, I’m pretty sure things would be significantly different. Three cheers for those who served and three cheers for all of those who waited patiently at home.

I hope you had a great holiday. Ate a burger or hotdog (not wiener ... and it’s dachshund, not wienerdog!). Enjoyed a cool beverage. And gave that soldier near and dear to you a hug. Remember don’t leave your dogs in the car, they like to be with you … three cheers for turkey gravy!!

Parade kicks off two days of Duvall Days activities

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Thanks to the efforts and dedication of the numerous organizers and over 100 volunteers, this year’s Duvall Days was a huge success with activities on Saturday that spread from Main Street to McCormick Park. Evening entertainment and fireworks concluded the day. On Sunday, events included a Fun Run, the Firefighters Pancake Breakfast and Cowpie Bingo (at Cherry Valley Dairy with tours).

The event has grown considerably since its beginnings decades ago when the town’s population was only a few hundred.  The old-timers used to joke (actually they still do) about the parade having to go around the block twice to make it long enough to actually be a parade and that one year the first prize winner was a logging truck that just happened to be passing through town.

Parade results

Favorite Band –  Cedarcrest High School
Favorite Vehicle –American Legion Historic Vehicles
Favorite Animal – Hoofs ’n Paws 4-H Club
Favorite Walking Group – PFLAG
Favorite Float – Hillside Academy
Favorite Team –  Cedarcrest High School Cheer Squad
Favorite Overall – Ixtapa Dancing Horses

Photos by Lisa Allen unless otherwise noted

euniceEunice Kosters and the Cherry Valley Riders are parade regulars.  grandmarshalsParade grand marshals Sue and Chris Linnerooth with Baxter.

saddlebredRepresenting Corbett Stables in Redmond, Savannah, riding saddleseat, and Mr. McQueen showed off the classy Saddlebred style. (Jennifer Tai Photo)  tank3American Legion Historic Vehicles were named Favorite Vehicle. Jim Greimes, WWII Battle of the Bulge veteran, rode on top.

jugglerThe juggler showed his talents while doing a balancing act at the same time.  image001Cedarcrest High School band was named Favorite Band.

hillsideHillside Academy won the Favorite Float award.

2017 Duvall Days grand marshals: Chris and Sue Linnerooth

  • Written by Courtesy of Duvall Rotary

After reviewing several nominations from the public, The Rotary Club of Duvall selected Sue and her husband Chris Linnerooth,  founders of the Linnerooth Team Realtors-Windermere, as Duvall Days grand marshals. They have made the company an institution for Realtor excellence and success throughout the Snoqualmie Valley.

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Duvall Civic Club Plant and Garden Art Sale is May 13

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Spring is here and you need to be ready! One of the oldest plant sale events in the Valley is the Duvall Civic Club Mother’s Day Plant and Garden Art Sale that will be held on May 13th from 10:00 to 4:00 in the parking lot behind the Duvall Visitor Center (old library building) on Main Street.

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Farmers markets open for season

  • Written by Valley View Staff

maypoleChildren decked in spring flowers take part in the Maypole Celebration at the opening day of the Carnation Farmers Market last Tuesday. The market will be open Tuesdays from 3-7 p.m. (Photos by Lisa Allen)

Cha with flowers1Valley flower grower Jue Cha prepares her tulips for opening day at the Duvall Farmers Market last Thursday. Hours are 3-7 p.m. every Thursday.