Carnation Farmers Market shares Valentine’s Day recipes

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Bring your family and friends for an afternoon at the Carnation Farmers Market (Tolt Avenue and Bird Street in Carnation, Washington) every Tuesday from 3 - 7 p.m., from early May through October. 2015 opening day is May 5.
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are some ideas and recipes to help you celebrate love!
Did you do some canning this year? Well, pull a jar of that homemade tomato sauce off the shelf and treat your sweetheart to a special Valentines Day Breakfast!

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A New Year of Changes

  • Written by Boone the dachshund" with help from friend Frank Sebenius

Well, as you know by now, us wiener dogs have a different point of view on almost everything. And not just because we have short legs. We have attitude. This sometimes gets us in trouble but that’s just how we wiggle. Consider this, not only do things tend to seem very big but everything is always looking up.

With all of the holiday stuff out of the way, it was time to check out what the New Year had to offer. My editor decided to take me out into the Valley in search of interesting clues as to what might be heading our way. First of all, if the weather was any indication, it was going to either be a frozen wasteland or a magnificent opportunity. I chose the latter.

It was about 8:00 in the morning when we headed out the door. The first stop we made was just outside of the Carnation Farms entrance. The air was cold and crisp and the view spectacular. Now, mind you I have the patience of Solomon, but when it comes to staring at land scape from inside a cold jeep…well, let’s just say I had a few choice yaps when Mr. Editor got back. Sheesh!

Community art center planning moves forward

  • Written by Submitted by Duvall Foundation for the Arts

The Thayer Barn, on the west side of SR 203 just south of Duvall, is continuing to be disassembled by Cook Structural Movers on behalf of Duvall Foundation for the Arts.  

The Cooks did some heavy lifting to complete this part of the project!  The purpose of carefully taking the barn apart is to save the best remaining wood and architectural elements of the Thayer Barn for reuse in the new Yellow Barn Snoqualmie Valley Community Art Center.

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Traffic biggest high water headache

  • Written by Lisa Alle, Editor

DUVALL–When flooding closed NE 124th for much of last week, many commuters turned to local websites for help, finding most of the crucial information they needed on two sites: The Duvall Police Department’s Facebook page and Jim Gale’s “Duvall Mobile Flood and Snowmaggedan” website

Duvall Police Sgt. Lori Batiot, who developed and maintains the police department’s Facebook page, used it to update locals on the traffic situation in town and explain the use of the “traffic pickle” – a hand-held device used by authorities to override traffic signals depending on volumes.

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Fine art work at Cherry Valley Elementary

  • Written by Valley View Staff

vvkidsartBack row, left to right: Quinn Warner, Ben Hegewald, Cristian Vazquez, Ruby Allen, Daniel Marais, Benjamin Glover, Rachel White, Anthony Schmidt; middle row: Chloe Roestal, Lydia Swenson, Isabelle Fisher, Dylan Dyer, Eli Kautz, Grace Lappier, Claudia Finch, Yannick Decneut; front row: Udham Singh, Evie Schold, Taylor Freiheit, Alex Kimbrel, Owen Langhans, Shoma Takezawa. (Courtesy photo)

Muralist Ramona Schmidt recently volunteered in Mrs. Martin’s first grade class at Cherry Valley Elementary as part of the school’s Art Docent program. (Her son is a student in the class). She says she was amazed at the quality of the paintings the children produced.  

“I thought it would be fun to try to teach the kids some of my real ‘grown up’ artist techniques, never expecting them to do so well,” she said “The kids did all the work themselves; I taught them step by step what to do using specialty artist brushes and techniques adults use.

“They all felt so grown up. I originally planned to teach some sort of simple kid project but then I thought why not try something more advanced. I tested my idea at home with my son and he was able to do it, so I figured if he can follow along so can they.”