Time to refer elementary students to Riverview’s Program for the Academically Talented (PAT)

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Riverview School District’s Program for the Academically Talented (PAT) is currently accepting referrals for the 2013-2014 school year.

Both the teacher and parent referral forms need to be returned to the PAT Office at Carnation Elementary by Friday, December 7th.   No late referrals or private testing will be accepted.

All referred 1st – 4th graders will be given an achievement test at Carnation Elementary School from 9:00 – 12:00 Saturday, January 12, 2013.

Those students who meet the criteria of scoring at the 90 percentile or higher on the CAT will move on to take the Cognitive Abilities Test on February 9, 2011.

The goal for the Program for the Academically Talented is to support and provide appropriate academic challenge to students with extraordinary ability in reading, language arts or math.

Navy team is FOC Fall Ball Tourney champions

  • Written by Valley View Staff

Back Row (L to R): Coach Sal Passantino, Harrison Danna, Jack Baker, Ben Lemery, Alex Nelson, Cody Perrine, Manager Terril Perrine. Front Row (L to R): Ian Fursman, Noah Heaslett, Sal Passantino Jr, Steve Watters, Nathan Gelbrich. (Not pictured Brandon Baier.) Courtesy photo

This year’s Field of Champions 13U Fall Baseball champions were the Navy team with players from North Bend, Snoqualmie, Sammamish, Issaquah and Duvall. Navy went undefeated this season against tough league competition culminating in winning the championship game on Oct 7.

These dedicated players are now practicing and playing year-round to prepare for high school baseball and their hard work has paid off.  Congratulations to all and thanks to all the parents.

Directors get ‘real’ boardroom

  • Written by Valley View Staff

vvschool board
Lisa Allen/staff photo

At the recent public open house for the new Riverview Educational Service Center in Duvall, the Riverview Board of Directors pose in their new boardroom on the second floor. From left: Carol Van Noy, Greg Bawden, Danny Edwards, Lori Oviatt and Jodi Fletcher. On the far right is school district Superintendent Conrad Robertson, who will retire at the end of this school year.

Stillwater Student Explorers travel the ‘world’ navigating the passages of Old World studies

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD

Seated are Hanna Taylor, Emma Cimino, Jack Madigan and Logan Brogden. Standing is Jillian Pardini. Photo by Leanne Christensen
Fifth grade students in Mrs. Marchel’s class at Stillwater Elementary became true explorers for the day, as their “travels” enlightened them to many fields of study including astronomy, botany and musicianship just to name a few.

Students followed specific clues to navigate their way through different parts of the world. Their travels enabled them to learn and discover much like the original explorers did.

Their journey began in the office of the “Master Navigator” –  school principal, Jack Madigan. The Master Navigator assisted the students as they constructed a compass which would help to guide them in their upcoming travels.

As students arrived at each destination, they received a stamp on their passports, to validate their arrival. At one stop they learned about the “sackbutt” a musical instrument much like today’s trombone. They also visited an apothecary, where they learned about spices from the Silk Road, and a botanist explained the properties of plants, oils and resins. In addition, students heard from an astronomer who taught the young explorers how to measure altitude, latitude and longitude. Along the way students had to pay with gold coins for the information that they received, and had the opportunity to bring back many artifacts from their exotic and exciting journey.

Teacher Ann Marchel shares, “I felt that my students would have a better understanding of what the explorers were faced with when sent out to find new lands and what the new regions could provide them to bring back to their sponsors. The key to exploration was expansion, goods and wealth. My kids, after this experience came away with a better understanding of the exploration process. On an interesting note a few of my students got frustrated with their team or ‘explorer-shipmates’  because everyone wanted to be the key explorer leader. We discussed that maybe that is why ships experienced mutinies as well. This type of simulation, that my students went through, just helps to solidify a concept being taught.”

Student Tech Team – 200 strong in Riverview

  • Written by Leanne Christensen, RSD
As each new school year begins, hundreds of elementary school children are deployed to strengthen and further the technology implementation efforts in the Riverview School District. These small armies of eager-to-assist students are part of the district-wide Tech Kids Team, currently numbering over 200 strong.

The Tech Kids Team was initiated by Riverview’s Elementary Instructional Technology Specialist Karen Mayfield, in 2007. She identified the great need for more hands and more minds working together with technology-rich project-based work, so she drew upon the greatest free resource in schools; the skillful and motivated students themselves.

During the fall of each year, students go through an application process that involves acquiring both their classroom teacher’s and their parents’ permission to serve. They are then assigned as assistants to a partner class and they work with that class for the entire year.

The Tech Kids program is a win-win for everyone involved. The teachers have many hands of assistance to make the challenging environment of working with many students on technology-employed projects a happy, productive one.

The students enjoy and appreciate the help the Tech Kids give them, and the quality of their work improves.

The Tech Kids strengthen their tech skills, learn to appreciate the work a teacher does to make things clear to students and they garner the appreciation of the staff and the student body.

Karen Mayfield shares, “The Tech Kids are one of the strongest assets we have in our efforts to employ the use of a wide variety of technologies in authentic, value-added ways. They are eager, capable and dedicated. They wear their Tech Kids T-shirts with pride and they look forward to their opportunity to serve each week.

“I get the wonderful privilege of being part of the teaching staff at each school, and I also have the wonderful privilege of being part of the Tech Kids’staff. I treat them with the respect any educator deserves and they puff up with pride as they work alongside me to teach others.”

Tech Kids provides multiple opportunities for growth, and not only in the area of technology. As 4th grade teacher, Orlene Olson, noted, “The opportunity for students to be Tech Kids is a chance for them to work with others in a service capacity, first and foremost. The fact that they strengthen their own technological and instructional skills is not the only benefit of being a Tech Kid. They also develop an inoculation to the entitlement mentality that is becoming more prevalent in our society.”