Heald is recount winner

  • Written by Don Mann
Sometimes they get it right.

The King County canvassing board unanimously certified the mandatory machine recount of Woodinville city council position No. 7, and the song remained the same: Toren Heald bested Peter Tountas by four votes, 447 to 443, in the slot for second place and gains the challenge of competing with big winner Bernie Talmas, who captured 805 votes.

“Victory is a good taste,” Heald said on Saturday. “If the recount hadn’t gone that way, that would have been a shocker.”

Heald said he would proceed “full steam ahead” toward the November 3 general election, and said his marketing campaign is in place and in full force.

“I look forward to serving the people of Woodinville,” he said.

Tountas, falling short by a tantalizing margin, said he had no regrets.

“The voters spoke and life goes on and I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it,” he said. “But my fondest desire would be that the voters of Woodinville would take a greater interest in their community and turn out for the vote to use the privilege they have.”

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