Police Beat - May 17, 2010

  • Written by Kelly Parker

Move On

April 27: Two pedestrians out and about for a stroll walked in front of a vehicle waiting to make a right-hand turn. As they did so, the vehicle began to pull forward striking the male pedestrian and then coming to a quick stop.

The man claimed that the driver yelled at him and his companion before speeding away. As the driver did so, her vehicle ran over the man’s foot, leaving a painful, though not grave, injury.

A witness took down the driver’s license plate and provided it to police. A phone call to the vehicle’s registered owner was not returned. The injured man is not willing to prosecute, preferring instead to hope that the driver will be more careful in the future.

Stealth Stop

May 4: A Woodinville police officer was passed by a motorcycle with a license plate so bent as to obscure its identifying information. Such a state could only pique an inquisitive mind’s interest and thus the officer followed the bike to its destination at an area school, where he was able to speak with the operator of said conveyance to clarify certain details. The youthful individual lacked a driver’s license--the one he had previously had been revoked and lacked a motorcycle endorsement anyhow. The motorcycle was subsequently impounded and the young man left to ponder a veritable bouquet of citations in his state of woe.


May 3: A Woodinville woman asked a friend to watch her house while she was called away for an extended absence. During this time, a bank in a nearby locality contacted the woman to inform her that the house sitter had gone rogue, so to speak, by stealing unused checks from the absent woman’s home.

The errant friend took a check from a long-closed account and a check from an active account and sought to compensate herself by cashing them at the aforementioned bank.

The bank rejected the obviously forged instruments, but did take down the friend’s identifying information. The outraged homeowner confronted the now former friend about the matter, only to be treated to a cock-and-bull story to explain what had happened. The woman made an alternative arrangement for her home’s supervision. After she returned from her absence, she discovered other mischief that had occurred, including an extended and unapproved use of her vehicle, which, in the spirit of friendship, was hand washed by the house sitting harridan before its return.

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