Pet of the Week - 09/14/09

  • Written by Karin Hopper



Hello "Darlings."

Well, I just returned from my spa vacation in Snohomish- this lovely ‘innkeeper’ went above and beyond the call of duty to attend to all of my needs. I was pampered, got to stretch out in a big comfy bed, was fed delectable goodies and was given undivided attention by the staff (I believe Homeward referred to them as my foster family). I got to reveal a side to my personality that they had never seen at the shelter. I adore acting young and kitten-y by chasing fuzzy toy mice — it’s such a kick! My "attendant" enjoyed curling up next to me on my bed and I had to oblige her by purring . It gives humans such a sense of satisfaction when we act as if we actually care about them!

I am now back at the shelter and I’m just not satisfied with the service there- I want to be the only cat who gets ALL of the attention and there are too many other cats (inferior to me of course) vying for that as well. The service is just not 4 star if you know what I mean. Perhaps you have a home that would be suitable for a cat of my stature. If you do, by all means come in and say hello-I will conduct an interview and decide if you qualify to be the perfect human for me!

All of the animals at Homeward receive full medical and behavioral evaluations and our adoption staff is adept at working with people to ensure their new family member’s successful transition into a permanent, loving home.

If you are not ready to adopt but would like to help care for our homeless animals by volunteering, go to Homeward is located in the north side of the Clearwater Spa Building at 18800 Woodinville-Snohomish Road.

Adoption hours are Wednesday through Friday from 2-7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from noon-6 p.m. Contact us at (425) 488-4444 or on the Web at

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