A magical night at Art In Bloom at Kokopelli Gardens

  • Written by Connie Berg
Glass art on display at Art in Bloom dazzled visitors with a rainbow of colors. Photo by Connie Berg
I have lived in Duvall for over 15 years. For the past four years, I have been missing out on an amazing event that takes place each year in Duvall.

The event I am referring to is Art in Bloom held this year June 25-27. I had the privilege of attending the opening gala and the only word I can come up with to describe it was MAGICAL!

Art in Bloom was held at Kokopelli Gardens, which is owned by Devin and Sue Henrikson. Kokopelli Gardens hosts a beautiful collection of various formal and informal gardens. It is an astonishing location for any event from weddings, outdoor theatre, reunions and even Zumba classes. It was the perfect location for Art in Bloom, a three-day event with the opening gala Friday night.

As I entered Art in Bloom there was a stunning display of hand painted wine glasses. Each one was a treasure boasting bright flowers and butterflies. Each of the glasses were hand painted by Julie Frazier, the president of DFA.

If you are unfamiliar with DFA, it stands for Duvall Foundation for the Arts. DFA promotes creativity, diversity and cultural awareness by supporting the arts and arts education in the lower Snoqualmie Valley.

I spoke with Julie about DFA at Art in Bloom. She was glowing with pride over the obvious success of the opening gala but was humbled and grateful for all of the hard work accomplished by her remarkable board members.

As my journey continued along the path through Kokopelli Gardens, there was a new discovery around every corner.

Incredible fused glass, metal sculptures, earth vessels made of stone, mortar and wire, glass toad stools, birdbaths, wind chimes, pond floats, garden stakes and even a giant metal fly accompanied by a gigantic fly swatter!

In all there were close to 400 pieces of art valued at over $67,000. Art prices varied from $15 all the way up to $1900.

There was something for everyone! There were even live sculptures.

Several flower girls floated through the gardens and stopped from time to time to pose on a large rock or bench. They were quite enchanting.

I chatted for a few minutes with Susan Jenkins and SarahWestfall from Northwest Art Center. They both attend Art in Bloom each year and enjoy seeing what local artists are doing and both get inspiration from viewing the art.

Before I could even take in all of the stunning art, I was encouraged over and over to try all of the wonderful food. I was not disappointed. The board prepared all of the food. I was told that VP Marissa Rhett alone made over 600 meatballs! They were one of my favorite items and I had more than I should have.

I also had more dessert than I should have but I just had to try the Red Velvet Cake, the cream puffs and the brownies. Did I mention there was cheesecake as well?

In addition to the incredible food there was an endless supply of wine and beer and throughout the evening everyone enjoyed live music by the Rick Ravenscroft Band.

If you have the opportunity to attend this event next year, don’t miss it. I definitely won’t! It was a memorable evening from start to finish.

As the sun went down and the full moon rose, Kokopelli Gardens and all of the amazing art was showered in a soft glow from the white lights strung all around the property.

As I left the gala, I noticed one thing, laughter … constant, echoing laughter. It was a wonderful sound!

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