PARADE program to be in new building

  • Written by Amanda Bergvinson, PARADE student
Artist’s rendering of the new Riverview Learning Center.
Progress is well underway and the buzz around the PARADE community is that the new PARADE building will finally be up and running in September 2011.

This will occur just in time for the new school year, when the children will be able to meander up and down its halls, fill its classrooms and enjoy the beautiful new surroundings. And no, parents, you will not have to circle the school many times in search of a parking space!

The story is told that it all began with a simple request by Mrs. Marshall, PARADE teacher, asking the Riverview School District for a sink in a PARADE portable. Who could have imagined the result of such an appeal? After five long and challenging years, the goal of the building’s completion is now in sight.

Currently, the PARADE program is bursting at the seams with 135 students, occupying five portables. The new space will be welcomed by both teachers and students as it will provide a much- needed learning area that is not a squeeze to work in.

Paul Censullo, the PARADE program director, was asked to highlight some of the new building’s features. He replied, " The Riverview Learning Center, also known as the RLC, will include seven classrooms, which the PARADE program will be sharing with three other alternative district programs, one multi-purpose room, a PARADE parent library, offices/conference rooms, a science lab with six sinks and a big parking lot."

Wow! What a big difference this will bring to all of the Riverview alternative programs and the community, as it will also provide much- needed space for meetings and other community events.

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